Lest We Forget

Suzann Darnall

As we head into the fray of the 2010 elections, let us not lose the passion we have had regarding the atrocities occurring in our government. Let us not forget the unprecedented debt, the insults hurled at us by various DC spokespersons who regard free-speaking citizens as people to be silenced, the unconstitutional laws, oppressive regulation, and incomprehensible rules being enacted despite our objection, the government intrusions into such personal aspects of our lives as our health care, and the far too many other abominations coming from the far left liberals running amok due to their control of all branches of government.

We must clean house in the 2010 and 2012 elections. We must get rid of all politicians who are there to serve their own nefarious purposes or their DC masters, rather than the people at home who elected them. If ever we had taxation without representation on an unparalleled scale, it is now. King George III had nothing on the elitists who now run roughshod over our rights and look upon us not as citizens, but as mere taxpayers. They seemingly consider it a kindness to leave us any of our hard-earned money at all. It appears they think of it as their potential tax revenues rather than our personal income.

We need not be afraid to align ourselves with the more conservative elements of our country and our communities. The far left cannot fight us with facts or truth, so they practice the strategies of Cloward-Piven and Saul Alinsky: creating fear, anger, retreat, and confusion; attack, attack, attack; and direct, personalized criticism or ridicule. They try to make us feel guilty for not falling into line with all their talk of making things fair and better for everyone, hoping we will miss the inherent unfairness of any program that just takes willy-nilly from one group because someone has decided that another group is more deserving. Do not let them shame us into toeing the mark and making the wrong decisions come ballot time!

Let us ask ourselves some basic questions before election time. Are we better off financially under the Democrats' regime? Are we safer with the Democrats' namby-pamby ideas regarding homeland security and military tactics? Do we have the same rights and freedoms now that we had before November 2008? Do we want the future possibly looming before us to be the inheritance we leave our children? A future where freedom is curtailed by a government setting things up for "the greater good", even if the majority doesn't want "it" … whatever "it" is!

When we are preparing to mark those ballots, let us take into account whether we want a government that tells us how to raise our children, what we can eat, how to manage our health, what cars we can drive, if we can worship God in our own ways, which holidays we can publicly celebrate, what color our roof can be, how to set the temperature in our home (Obama really wants to set it for us with special thermostats), and all the other radical ideas that are espoused by the "czars" surrounding Obama. Do we really want this shadow-government taking over the decisions that should be made by us? Do we really want that same shadow-government step-by-step taking over the role of our elected officials? And, do we want ACORN and the labor unions making White House policies behind closed doors?

Do not be fooled. Community and labor organizers are firmly in the driver's seat of many decisions taking place in DC at this time. Socialists, communists, and other radicals are weaving their agendas into every aspect of legislation a piece at a time until our lives will be overwhelming legislated by ideas that we find abhorrent.

Obama told us to judge him by the company he keeps. We should do so. I have tried to look at both his companions and his actions. I find no comfort in any of his choices. He belittles America on the world stage and minimizes conservatives here at home. He is not the promised post-racial president, but another elitist racist who happens to not be white. And, his bigotry does not end at the color line. He also carries prejudices for many facets of American traditional society, with Christianity being one he has announced at the global level.

We need to fear these current politicians and the power they wield. We must vote them out of office. We must not lose the momentum of the TEA Parties. Let's get started now. No! Let's double the pace! Organize at the local level and get the movement going all the way to Washington, DC. Take back America from those who would destroy us from the inside!

© Suzann C. Darnall, JANUARY 2010

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