DC Just Doesn't Get "IT"!

Suzann Darnall

Obama and most of the other politicians just don't seem to be getting "IT". "IT" isn't something they can label, fit into one little category, change the meaning of, and then make us accept "IT". "IT" is essentially anything they do and everything happening in DC right now. But a big part of "IT", that matters most to many of us right now, is the economy … all those many little pieces that they do not want us to connect. "IT" is implying we don't grasp the difference between millions, billions and trillions.

"IT" is saying government won't put more taxes on the middle class, then sneaking in all sorts of other ways to get another piece of our money, taxes by other names. "IT" is government raising the cost of business for American companies, and that cost being transferred down the line to the consumers, who are also the taxpayers.

"IT" is making international trade more costly for foreign companies with tariffs and other regulations that will again translate into higher costs for the American consumer, which is again, the taxpayers.

"IT" is the giant deficit that just keeps growing and growing, the debt we have now handed down to more generations than anyone has really calculated or, truthfully, want calculated.

"IT" is not being allowed to make use of the energy resources we have in our own country to bring down costs and allow American citizens to keep a little more of their hard earned income in their own pockets, rather than sending so much overseas, to potentially fund terrorism. "IT" is lining the golden paved halls of big business, which are already getting enormous pieces through bailouts, sweetheart deals, and political favoritism. "IT" is telling us there will be no more earmarks then immediately signing a record number into law.

"IT" is raising tax rates so high on the rich, including both small businesses and big businesses, causing our workplaces to lose jobs faster than a junk-food junkie goes through Lays potato chips. Whether the Far Left cares to acknowledge or not, money is necessary to run a business and pay people--lots of money to pay a lot of people. So, let's make sure those companies aren't crunched into bankruptcy with overburdening taxes.

"IT" is about an overhaul of the health care system that is neither wanted nor needed. Including various plans that will essentially result in taxes and extra expenses for most Americans, whether directly or sneaked through in nefarious things like soda tax, sugar tax, taxes on health insurance companies, and who knows what all.

"IT" is foisting upon Americans an unwanted, unneeded overhaul of the health care system, including various plans that will essentially result in taxes and extra expenses for most Americans, whether directly or sneaked through in nefarious things like soda tax, sugar tax, taxes on health insurance companies, with taxes disguised as "fees," fines if you do not do Obama's bidding, and who knows what all? "IT" is attempting to convince Americans their healthcare will be improved, forcing those who do not want insurance to buy in, telling them health rationing will not be required when pure logic says otherwise, telling them the reduction in fraud and waste will pay for the newly covered people, and insisting illegals will not be covered when they most certainly will,

"IT" is the White House being Big Brother and having another Orwellian go at tracking what we are saying and writing on Internet. "IT" is treating the vast protests of recent days and months by millions of protesters as if they did not happen. "IT" is calling us mobs, thugs, and terrorists. "IT" is Czars taking the place of Constitutional Government. "IT" is Socialism oozing from every Congressional and Presidential pore. "IT" is playing the race card at the moment Obama and his sycophants are caught in a lie or criminal scheme.

"IT" is the duplicity of Obama, Pelosi and Reid in every word. "IT" is Obama's endless speeches of said duplicity, daily trying to redirect attention from "IT" to "IT." If one "IT" becomes overwhelmingly unpopular and polls crater, elevate or create a different "IT."

"IT" is DC not curtailing their spending at all, while gradually depleting the citizens' resources a big bite at a time. Sneaking a bite here, a bite there, until there is very little left for us to care for our selves, our families, our homes, and our needs.

"IT" is thinking that our income is their revenue. "IT" is about not being satisfied with a fair tithe, say 10%, like the Lord. "IT" is about their never-ending greed and waste. "IT" is about Americans saying "Enough "IT" is enough!" "IT" is about time that DC takes their hand out of my pocket, and take their nose out of my business!

© Suzann C. Darnall, SEPTEMBER 2009

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