Is There Another Factor To The ACORN Corruption?

Suzann Darnall

Lots of people are making a big to-do about the recent ACORN scandals … as well they should. Tax evasion, underage prostitutes, illegal immigrants, lying, cheating, etc. The list of what ACORN was willing to do and overlook is "pert near" endless. But, I am not sure people are catching what, to me anyway, might well be the most significant aspect of these sting episodes carried out by two young journalists inside ACORN offices: the guy claiming to be a pimp for the young woman journalist also claimed to be an up-and-coming young politician as part of the plot.

This, to me, was the kernel of the story that I wanted to know more about. Was this supposed politician the real reason ACORN was so willing to be helpful? Think about it. An organization that obviously wheels-n-deals while skirting the law must find it beneficial to have at least a few politicians beholden to them--which then begs the question, just how beholden are some of our politicians to them?

Most of us have seen the various speeches Obama has given to ACORN and other community organizer groups about how involved he wants them to be with his Administration. Glenn Beck has shown that the Obama administration has several ties to ACORN and their associated groups. Is this because he truly believes they can help? Or, is it because he owes them payback? A bit of that old Chicago politics style of "you scratch my back and I'll scratch yours?"

I am fast beginning to find it impossible to untangle the web that is the Democratic Party, the Labor Unions, the Far Left political activists, and the Community Organizers. They are a Gordian Knot of lies and scandals, trying from all angles to put something over on the majority of American citizens, and the rest too dumb to know they're being duped.

Corruption is the name of the game, and a big player is ACORN. What worries me is that Obama and his cohorts are perfectly willing to give them a seat at the table, not to mention a whole lot of money with which to play. Our money! Taxpayer dollars!

Oh, I know there is some talk now about cutting off ACORN funding in some areas. And, they are supposedly off the list for doing the Census. But, I question just how we can ever truly verify that they are not having money funneled to them by the backdoor with all the underhanded ways and means of Washington politics. Even people who worked for ACORN were unable to verify exactly how many entities they comprise nor where the money was coming from or going to.

But, while all of this is important, my real question for now is, "Just who in our current political regime is beholden to ACORN? And, just how beholden are they? And, what kind of damage could such a relationship do to the American way of life? Think about it. Scary, isn't it???

While all of this is important, my real questions for now are, "Just who in our current political regime is beholden to ACORN, and just how beholden are they? What kind of damage can these relationships do to the American way of life? And, finally, would they have been so accommodating if the journalist had claimed to be a plumber instead of a politician?" Think about it! Scary, isn't it?

© Suzann C. Darnall, SEPTEMBER 2009

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