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Suzann Darnall

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi accuses protestors of “carrying swastikas and symbols like that to town hall meetings on healthcare.” If there have been any such symbols, I would bet they are in reference to the totalitarian government tactics currently being used in Washington, DC to run roughshod over American citizens’ rights, freedoms, and liberties.

However, I will not take Nancy Pelosi’s word for anything. Not even if she stood there and told me the state of California is on the West Coast of our nation. The woman seems to have a problem with telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. I guess it isn’t that she actually tells lies, but she does seem to frequently misspeak or get misunderstood or whatever current word/phase is being used in DC for what the rest of us simply call lying.

Anyway, if Ms. Pelosi wants me to believe that those objecting to Obamacare are Nazi sympathizers or white supremacists or some other form of racists, she’s going to have to show me actual un-doctored photographs of them! And, I’d prefer that they be photos taken by someone other than a liberal media weenie, with date-stamp showing that they took place previous to her comment! I want pictures which at least give a semblance of being something not faked-up after she opened mouth and inserted foot … again!

I’ve not yet been to a town hall meeting on healthcare. But, I have been to three of the TEA Parties, which have also been labeled as racist, or at the very least as being filled with Right Wing Extremists. I saw no signs of an angry mob spewing hate-speech, just angry American citizens exercising their right to free speech. Were they loud? Yes! Were they troublemakers or out of control? No!

If the politicians are feeling unloved and unwanted, maybe it’s because right now they are. Many Americans, Left and Right, are fed up with the current politician mentality that seems to say, “Damn the citizens, full speed ahead!” They just do whatever they want, despite being repeatedly told that their constituents don’t want whatever it is they are doing. Is it any wonder we shout at them when we get the chance to confront them face-to-face?

As a patriotic American, I am angered by the labels the DC Left Wing is throwing about so casually when referring to me and others like me--Americans who are tired of the stupidity coming out of DC. The excessive spending. The trampling of rights. The slip-sliding around the checks and balances of our system. Rampant appointments of “czars” who have no accountability and need not be approved in any way by citizens or government, beyond President Obama saying he wants this person for this title.

I am not a terrorist. I am not a member of an angry mob. I am not a Right Wing Extremist. I am a conservative woman who has my own opinions of what is good for my country, and the gang in DC is not part of that!

If these politicians want to be treated with respect, perhaps they had better start offering that same commodity to their constituents and all citizens of these United States. They could start by actually listening when we speak or write or otherwise tell them what WE want. Oh! And, a little less name calling would be nice, too.

As bad a Pelosi is, I don't know that she will ever be able to top Barack Hussein Obama's rant of this last weekend when he was telling me to "Shut up!" Who could ever anticipate that the President of the United States would have so little regard for the opinions of those he is elected to serve that he would tell them to shut up? Now, we'll see if his outburst will be the new standard of incivility from Congress and the White House allowing them to now to tell us all to "Shut up!" Well, I ain't!

© Suzann C. Darnall, August 2009

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