So, we're a "Right Wing Extremist Radical Mob?" That's awesome!

Curt Dale

For two weeks I've frantically tried to get my computers back on line, eager to lunge back in the fray. A bum router was my culprit! However, that period of frustration was advantageous, making me look all the harder at what is happening in America and to look beyond the Internet and TV to form-no, make that solidify-my opinions.

I talked with a lot of people while working, shopping, at church or other meetings, and with friends. This refocus fully convinces me that the Democrats' attempt to label the mass opposing Obama's medical restructuring and Cap and Trade legislation as a Right Wing Extremist Radical Mob (I'll coin RWERM) is totally false.

The White House is abetted by Congressional Democrats in its all out attempt to discount the many millions of Americans who solidly oppose Obamacare and his single payer program. Citizens know it's proved disastrous wherever instituted, Canada and Britain, to wit. They similarly recognize Cap and Trade as ultimately another way to increase taxes based on false premises of global warming, and they realize that similar taxation programs have been debunked in other nations.

These two flagship socialization efforts, patently opposed by a huge majority of Americans, are methodically and fundamentally bringing the Obama Administration to its knees. Now, I won't act coy and tell you that it bothers me to see his Administration brought to heel. That would be a gross untruth. It doesn't.

But, the fact that he presses on with his effort, totally ignoring millions who oppose his drunken spending and changes based on ignorance is a sound measure of his socialist goal, no matter how unpopular he becomes. His single mindedness is notable, but it doesn't sway me to him in the least.

Seeing and hearing my neighbors, friends and associates in total agreement with the open outrage expressed at a Philadelphia Health Care Town Hall meeting against Sen. Arlen Specter, D-PA, and HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, produced my litmus. You see, I know that my friends, neighbors and associates aren't fringe kooks. They, too, would jeer and boo that Democrat litany on Obamacare. Hence, I confidently derive that the people railing against the program are common, everyday Americans. If that's RWERM, so be it!

Note that Rep. Lloyd Doggett, D-TX, Rep. Tim Bishop, D-NY, and others met similar fates in town hall meetings. So, the RWERM has turned on Congress. Not surprisingly, the White House now wants congressional members to avoid Town Hall meetings while on break, until September. That'll keep we American citizens from contaminating the brainwashing Obama and his crowd have done on these solons. I engage people whom I've never met before and casually ask an opinion of Cap and Trade or Obamacare. I find an overwhelming number who vehemently oppose them. Not only are people aware. They're well informed. Sometimes I even get "the lecture" and have to expand my homework to see what I've missed.

From such reactions, I further derive that the Democrats who're saying Americans are just ill informed have been programmed to believe that American's are ill informed. Americans are smart, and they're still free. They like freedom and that's totally enervating. I'm seeing people who realize a grave mistake was made in November 2008 and now face that fact honestly.

I'll assert that our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan are gallant and doing all they are asked to do, and more, for this great Republic. I'll further assert that there are valiant efforts going on in our Town Hall meetings, Tea Parties and on the internet. Brave people who stand against these ill directed legislators are unflinchingly protecting America to the best of their ability, too.

One Town Hall protester critic said protesters were "driven out to the Town Hall meetings by internet blogs." I'm sure he didn't mean it as a compliment, but it tells me the power of the press has gone to the new media. They weren't "driven" there. But I won't deny that the power of the blogs and the thousands of community groups that are forming and growing to oppose this calibrated destruction of America are motivating people to go do something. Sen. Dick Durbin, D-IL, blames medical insurance companies for sending mobs to the town halls to disrupt and protest. He, too, believes we're too dumb to think for ourselves.

So, the challenge is for any timid, unengaged, bystander, diffident or insecure Conservatives, Republicans, disaffected Democrats, Libertarians, or anyone else wanting to save America to suck it up and lean into the gale. It's time to step out of the sheltered domestic cul-de-sac and become daring. Until November 2010's election, protest is our only weapon.

Democrat supporters urge taking pity on the poor senators and congressmen because those loathsome citizens--we RWERMS--dare question their decisions and legislation. You see, this White House initiative to silence protesters is an assault on our First Amendment right of free speech. The real challenge is to give Congress no quarter. Don't just cheer on the protesters. Stand up, brave and bold, open you mouth, and speak your piece, too.

© Curtis D. Dale, PhD, August 2009

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