Sharia Law

Suzann Darnall

As an American woman, I find choices being made by President Barack Obama and SECSTATE Clinton about which countries will be our new best friends frightening. They are leaning towards dictatorships, including many practicing various forms of socialism, communism, Sharia Law, and other human rights violations.

While I find these dictatorial practices abhorrent, Sharia Law is most frightening to women. Contrary to what many people espouse, much that's enforced in the name of Sharia and Islamic Law has nothing to do with the Koran or Prophet Muhammad. They are merely control methods that have come about through centuries of unrighteous dominion, practiced by men over women or majorities over minorities. It's terrorism on the most personal levels possible. The underlying message is often "do this and die" or "don't do this and die".

Some of the countries currently using Sharia Law include Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Sudan, Iraq (prior to 2003), Egypt, Libya, Somali, and Afghanistan. Sad to say, even Great Britain has several publically funded and legally operating Sharia Courts. With the exception of Britain, I've no desire to buddy up with anyone else in the list.

Under most forms of Sharia Law, women have few rights. Women are basically chattels, possessions passing from the care of father to husband, with even brothers or uncles having more to say than the women do about their life. Few are allowed education. Most can be physically punished for sundry infractions. And, death by stoning is legal for the worst "offenses".

So, can anyone tell me why our President and the supposedly liberated Hillary Clinton would consider these countries which practice widespread and virulent forms of Sharia Law to become our friends? This makes it all the more scary that Obama performed his now infamous deep bow to the King of Saudi Arabia.

The Taliban practices some of the worst Sharia Law currently on record. Many of their "laws" are in no way derived from the Koran. They are currently threatening females in the Pakistan areas bordering Afghanistan against attending most schools or getting identity cards. Their threats include bombing schools which do not discontinue the banned classes.

Some countries practicing Sharia Law include the worst perpetrators of female genital mutilation, a crime against girls and women condemned by numerous medical, religious, and human rights organizations throughout the world. The mutilation serves no medical benefit and is actually a danger to the victim, with lifelong consequences.

I don't want approval of countries which carry on such misogynistic pacts. I do not want to mend fences with them. I want to totally distance myself, and my country, from their immoral behaviors. Yes, immoral!

Perhaps it isn't politically correct to speak out against someone's "religious" practices, but nothing in my research has actually shown me that Sharia Law ever came about due to God.

That a US President would ever consider Sharia Law as a part of our legal system in America's a frightening concept. But, it's there, in Obama's history. Alarming as I find his socialistic leanings, his implicit acceptance of Sharia is terrifying. What hidden agenda does this man have for America and how will it affect American womanhood?

I have two adult daughters and three little granddaughters. I am scared of the America they may have to live in--if Obama and Clinton remake it with all new friends, like Castro, North Korea, the Taliban, and Sharia Law.

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