The Real War on Women

Suzann Darnall

I am sickened by the false rhetoric of the left that the GOP is waging a war on women. This from the people who are seemingly supportive of allowing Sharia Law to worm its way into our American legal system? This from the supporters of Obama, who has invited the Muslim Brotherhood to the White House? From the President who chooses to negotiate with the Taliban? If the left wants to talk about a war on women, I suggest they look to the misogynistic practices of many Islamic communities and countries scattered throughout the world. I suggest they read Sharia laws pertaining to women.

Harold Koh, legal advisor to the State Department, advocates Sharia Law! He actually favors Sharia over the United States Constitution. Sharia Law is what the Islamic extremists use to keep women under such strict subjugation that it really amounts to nothing more than slavery. Some of Obama's new buds, like the Muslim Brotherhood and the Taliban love Sharia Law. It gives them pert near absolute power over women, children, and anyone who might be brave enough to disagree with them . . . on just about anything. So, don't talk to me about a war on women by the GOP until the Left cleans a whole lotta Sharia skeletons out of its closet.

But, it isn't just regarding Sharia Law where the Left shows a disregard for the female of the species. They are also very narrow in what women they seemingly consider worthwhile members of society and what rights they choose to advocate for those women. While they will scream to the rooftops about the right to birth-control and abortion, they are a little less tolerant of a woman's right to choose to be a wife and mother . . . particularly if that is the only job she wants to fulfill. Working moms are considered a little higher up the socially acceptable chain, but even they are suspect if they are also wives or actually consider being a wife and mother to be about the most important thing they will ever do.

When I was a teenager, way back in the 1970s, I was a huge women's liberation advocate! I thought the Equal Rights battles being fought by organizations like NOW was the right thing to do. Until, at the age of 14, I discovered that it wasn't actually about liberation or equality. It was about fitting all women in the Left's little box of what they thought a woman should be. It wasn't about women like my mother having the right to choose to stay home and raise her kids. She was a failure if she did that. Only those women who wanted to do what the Left thought mattered were worthy. Not mothers and not wives. Just those on the list of worthy careers.

I am a stay-at-home wife. My children are grown. One of my daughters is also a stay-home wife and mother. I know for a fact that we know more about the economy's direct effects on our household than our husbands, because we are the ones doing the majority of the grocery shopping and paying the bills. I am also LDS (AKA: Mormon), so I am sure Mitt Romney is a little "old-fashioned" about women, but that may not be a bad thing. In my experience it is often the men a little old-fashioned about women who treat women with the most respect, because their mothers taught them that way. The Left has treated stay-at-home wives and mothers with contempt as far back as I can recall. They have always acted as if we were somehow lesser beings because we did not bring home a paycheck. This is just more of the same ol same ol from Dems and their cohorts. We must unite and get Obama and as many Dems as possible out of government ... at ALL levels!

The Democrats are right about there being a war on women. It is being waged by all of those who practice intolerance. The intolerance of Muslims practicing Sharia. The intolerance of Progressives here in America wanting women to be anything but wives and mothers. It is even being waged with practices in some countries of aborting baby girls in favor of baby boys. Do not buy into the propaganda of the Left. True equality lies in freedom for all, to follow their conscience not have their conscience dictated to by some governmental power. For ourselves and our daughters, we must vote for freedom this November! And, it is my heartfelt belief that the Republicans will bring us more freedom that continuing along the path sketched out by Obama and his buds like Harold Koh.

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