Looking for Something to Celebrate

Suzann Darnall

At times it is hard in this day and age to have a positive outlook. The headlines can be depressing. The societal changes are unsettling. Many folks struggle with personal finance issues as our overall economy seems more inclined to slide into unsafe territory. And, our own government's overreach is absolutely frightening!

But, there is a bright spot coming up this weekend. A reason to gather family, perhaps even friends, for some food and fun, with maybe a little faith thrown in. A reason to dress up and go to church. A reason to cook a good meal. A reason to tell someone special you love her. It is called Mother's Day! Why not celebrate it to the fullest extent possible?

For our family it is doubly blessed day, since we will also be celebrating the birthday of my beloved husband, Pete. We are not yet sure just how much of the family can gather together, but we know there will be at least a sprinkling from three generations. Enough for us to have joy in our posterity and share the love that started nearly 37 years ago when he and I met.

We have shared . . . and squabbled over . . . the Mother's Day weekend since we had our first daughter over 34 years ago. But, it has always been a fun "fight". On that even our daughters and grandchildren get involved in. the lengths that are sometimes gone to so that neither of us feels left out can be kinda humorous!

When the family all gets together on the Mother's Day vs. Pete's Birthday weekend, my oldest daughter has been known to fix her father's favorite dinner and then prepare my favorite dessert. This year my second granddaughter is going to make brownies for us, with one half of the pan frosted for me and the other half unfrosted for my husband!

One thing that is not uncommon is for us to kind of make a full weekend of the celebrating. Even if the events are not spread out. Such as, this year we will go to a concert in the park with the whole family earlier in the weekend. A time to count our blessings, enjoy each other's company, while spending happy times with our children and grandchildren.

In a time when it oft times feels like our government and the liberal media have declared war on stay-at-home mothers, stay-at-home wives, parenting, traditional marriage, religion, aging, and sooo many other things that are a part of an extended family, I feel blessed to have these occasions to celebrate longevity and motherhood!

I am proud of my role in our household. A role that I have fulfilled in one way or another for nearly 37 years. I have been a primarily stay-at home wife, mother, and now grandmother for almost that entire time. I am essentially a caretaker. Not in the sense used so often nowadays meaning one caring for a disabled family member. No, I mean it in a much more traditional sense. I take care of my family. I take care of our home. I take care of our animals. I take care of a lot of this-n-that, so others can do what need to be done in their lives outside of our home. I am seemingly a nurturer by nature.

I am also proud of my husband's role in our family. He has been a provider. A perfect companion to my role as nurturer. And, when I call him a provider, I do not speak just of monetary support. He also provides support in so many other ways. He is there for me, our children, our grandchildren, our family, our friends, our church, his work, and our community. He is very service-oriented. That is seemingly his nature.

And, so, on Sunday we will celebrate one another and celebrate with one another. We will celebrate the birthday of this amazing man. We will celebrate motherhood. I will be lucky enough to be honored by my family. We will take time to call my mother, Pat. We will remember Pete's mother, Beulah. I will think of my wonderful grandmothers and great-grandmothers. I was blessed to know both grandmothers and two of my great-grandmothers. In fact, my daughters got to know their both their grandmothers, two of their great-grandmothers, and one of their great-great-grandmothers. All these terrific women will be remembered on this day. As well as some others who were friends or family, but mothered us along the way.

I encourage all y'all to take time out this weekend to do something old-fashioned. Honor thy mother. Give her a call. Fix her a special dinner. Buy her flowers. Take her to church. Let her know you care! Use the threads of love to bind together the generations. Make family a priority. Not only will it make all y'all feel good … it'll tick off the Liberals!!!

© Suzann C. Darnall, MAY 2014

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