Stop Waving Your . . . ummm . . . Gender in my Face!

Suzann Darnall

I don't care whether you wear a sweaty jockstrap or a lacy thong, boxers or bikinis, or go commando! Whatever you have inside your underwear . . . just keep it there. Keep it out of politics! And, I'm not just talking about the Anthony Weiner types with the sexting, texting, and just plain ol' nasty, naughty pics!!!

I am tired of hearing about someone's gender or sexual preference! I don't care what they carry around inside their panties or what they do in their bedrooms!!! I want to know what they are going to do to improve my quality of life and to keep me safe. I not only want them out of my bedroom, I want to be kept out of theirs. I also want privacy . . . mine and theirs . . . preserved!

We had much of this gender bias crap brought up prior to the 2008 presidential election as Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama faced each other in the Democratic Primary. We heard from all the feminists about how women HAD to vote for Hillary 'cause she was a woman. As if her plumbing has anything to do with how well she might govern!

When did we get sooo obsessed with reproductive anatomy that it became the be-all, end-all to political debates? It is bad enough we have a never-ending merry-go-round of sex scandals from politicians. Everything from Weiner's body shots to Bill's cigars in the Oval office, not to mention extra-marital affairs beyond count.

If we are not hearing about gender or sexual preference, it is gay rights and abortion rights. Followed closely by access to birth control and men getting to have Viagra. I realize that all of these issues have a place in our societal and political arenas, just not front and center and in my face every single hour of every single day!

We are faced with far more important issues than whether our next president pees standing up or sitting down! I am concerned if our next president can come out of an international pissing-contest with Vladimir Putin without Putin thinking the newest POTUS is a fire-hydrant!!!

Make no mistake, Putin is currently marking out his territory and looking to extend the Russian borders back to the former Soviet Union lines. And, thus far he is definitely wearing the pants of the international dysfunctional family that is the world! Meanwhile, our dear little Obama is looking as ineffectual as a school boy wearing short pants and not yet ready to shave!

So, while I don't care if we have a man or a woman in the Oval Office, I do want us to have a LEADER in the Oval Office. Man-up or woman-up? I don't care!!! Just get the job done and do it right! Down here in Texas we cowboy-up . . . male or female. Danged if I don't wish we had a little more cowboy in DC!!!

Anyway, the only plumbing that interests me in the 2014 and 2016 elections is who can get us out of the toilet bowl debacle that Obama and his minions have created! We are in a swirling dervish of national disaster, being flushed into the sewer of international mediocrity! And, I am pretty sure none of the Progressives nor lil Ms. Hillary "What Does It Matter?" Clinton are the ones to clear up any clogs in the system and get things flowing smoothly again! Not at home or abroad!!!

© Suzann C. Darnall, APRIL 2014

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