The New War on Terror . . . Or is that Terra?

Suzann Darnall

In the Earth's approximately 5.5 billion year life span, it has undergone numerous climate changes. Just around 1,000 years ago we were in the midst of our warmest modern worldwide climate cycle. This was followed by a little ice age that lasted from about 1550 until 1850. I am pretty sure neither of these climate changes was caused by mankind. I think it was just the cyclic changes our planet goes through due to the nature of weather patterns. Yes, that's right; I am going to blame it on mother. Mother Nature!

But, according to John Kerry, the climate change we are supposedly experiencing is on the disaster scale of a weapon of mass destruction or an act of terror. So, now that Osama Bin Laden is dead ... are we going after Mother Nature?

He compared disbelievers of climate change (the new name they gave to global warming) to the Flat Earthers of bygone centuries. I found it kind of amusing, that in the midst of an extremely cold winter, when communities are still trying to dig out from being buried under record snowfall, he suggested those who refuse to believe in climate change are burying their heads in the sand. I personally think the thing we are mostly being buried in is the horse manure they keep shoveling out of Washington, DC as science . . . when they aren't using said shovels to pile on more of the BS they call "hope and change"!

See, we actually misjudged Obama about his claims of shovel-ready projects. There are plenty of shovel-ready projects. It is just that the only thing being shoveled is more of their Progressive, Liberal, Leftist, Democrat crap!

But, back to Secretary of State John Kerry and his wise words on climate change. It might be a good thing he is out amidst the college kids just talking about global warming. Since all of his foreign policy initiatives are failing, he might as well sit around and talk about the weather. Although, with liberals that might still be a taboo topic since it oft times is both their religion and their politics!

For one thing, unlike so much of what comes out of a liberal politician's mouth, when discussing climate change he will always be right! At least according to their rules of weather. Since high temperatures are a sign of global warming, low temperatures are a sign of global warming, and moderate temperatures are a sign of global warming . . . he can attribute any weather event to climate change.

See??? We do have climate change! Sometimes it is hot, sometimes cold, sometimes wet, and sometimes dry. Aha, Mother Nature is some kind of eco-terrorist, isn't she?

But, I don't think there is much we can do about Mother Nature and her ever changing seasons or always altering weather cycles. I think we need to face up to the reality that mankind is not always the most powerful force on the face of the earth. While we are capable of much we are also limited in some areas. I don't think we can anymore affect the worldwide weather patterns on a permanent basis than we can predict the weather with any real accuracy on a weekly basis.

I wouldn't mind the administration talking about the weather so much if it were not for the fact that they then try to take action to "improve" it . . . which usually means another EPA regulation that causes more jobs lost or another expansion of a bureaucracy that infringes on our freedom. If only they just talked about the weather amongst themselves and left the rest of us out of it!

John Kerry might think of climate change as the great destroyer, but I know for a fact that nothing is wreaking more havoc right now than the widespread stupidity and cupidity that is rampant in the policies and administration of Barack Obama! I think we will get through the winter of 2013-14 just fine. But, I am not so sure we can weather the storm of Obama and his minions.

An Obama ready and able to bypass the Constitution by using pen or phone to implement regulation and legislation at will is truly a weapon of mass destruction. The destruction of our traditional American way of life. He will sweep our rights and freedoms away like a force 5 tornado clearing a path of ruin through the heartland.

While I do not take John Kerry and his ideas about what constitutes a threat very seriously, I do take his boss' ability to fundamentally transform America as a very serious threat. If Conservative, Constitutional, TEA Party, Libertarian, Reagan Democrats, and other concerned Americans do not vote in a block to remove all Progressives from office in 2014 and 2016, we may face a disaster that will make Katrina look like wading through a puddle in a spring rain shower.

Do your research! Find the true Conservatives. Support them. Vote in the primaries. Help with campaigns. We might not be able to change the weather, but I know just as clearly we cannot weather the kind of change Obama and his cohorts want to bring about! So, let's do our part to bring back the kind of America we can be proud to pass on to our children. God bless America!

© Suzann C. Darnall, FEBRUARY 2014

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