A Lot Less Action

Suzann Darnall

Two of my favorite songs are "A Little Less Conversation" (Elvis Presley) and "A Little Less Talk and A Lot More Action" (Toby Keith). The Elvis song includes the line, "A little less conversation, a little more action please". The Toby Keith title kinda says it all. But, I have to admit I am now finding a need for a lot more talk and a lot less action. In particular, I would like lots less action by Obama and his Dem cohorts in DC!

As much as I hate to hear Obama give one more teleprompter story-time, I do have to admit I prefer his oh so very dishonest words to any more of his oh so very destructive actions! Which are also dishonest in that they frequently violate the laws of the land and principles upon which our Constitution and country were founded. Not to mention that he and his minions so very often lie about what is going to be done, has been done, or will be done!

I know the Left loves to bring up Richard Nixon whenever anyone mentions the scandals swamping Obama's . . . ummm . . . transparent(???) administration. But, it still comes down to the fact that while Nixon lied, no one died! Unlike the four dead Americans in the Benghazi terror attack!!! And, while Nixon and his minions were guilty of breaking into an office, Obama and his minions are guilty of breaking an entire healthcare system! Much of it done outside the checks and balances of our Constitutional governance system.

Now Obama is threatening to even more completely bypass Congress with additional Executive Orders in his rush to leave a Leftist Legacy behind as he heads into the lame duck years in his presidency. The problem is that his agenda will leave our economy and society more than lame, it will cripple America for possible decades and even generations to come.

So, I am hoping and even praying that Obama becomes so enamored with hearing his own voice that he will be too busy appearing on late night television, daytime talk shows, and doing more of his non-campaigning campaign events to actually sign anything . . . except possible autographs for the idiots who get shivers up their legs upon hearing his teleprompter fairytales! Unfortunately, the Democrats running for office are also running from Obama, which cuts down on the potential for out of DC appearances we can hope for to fill up his calendar.

But, we can only hope there are still enough other Liberal speaking venues to keep Obama out and about for at least a good portion of the next few years. 'Cause we definitely need him doing a lot less action! Even at the price of having to listen to a lot more conversation . . . or teleprompter renditions of what passes for great oratory in the world of the Progressives.

© Suzann C. Darnall, FEBRUARY 2014

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