Extreme Conservative . . . and Proud of IT!!!

Suzann Darnall

I guess I am one of the Extreme Conservatives who sends Governor Andrew Cuomo (D-NY) into a tizzy. Since I am not welcome in New York, guess it is a good thing I live in Texas!

Actually, I generally refer to myself as a Radical Conservative or a Conservative Radical, 'cause although I am mostly Conservative, I do have some views on a few topics that lean more towards Libertarian. Though, some might actually call that Constitutional Conservative, so labels can get a little confusing at times. However, I am pretty sure Governor Cuomo deserves the label "jerk"!

How do so many of these politicians get that out of touch with their constituencies? I know Liberal media feeds them the constant idea that US citizens all lean left, but are the politicians completely unaware that there are media sources which show it is otherwise? And, do all the politicians ignore the extensive feedback people send through mail, email, polls, rallies, protests, town halls, and other venues, to show that WE THE PEOPLE are displeased with them and their Progressive policies???

I am especially confused by the idea that being pro-life makes us extremists. I mean, really??? In a supposedly civilized society which is more extreme?

#1 - Considering each unborn child to be a treasure who should be cherished and nurtured as our future.

- - - OR - - -

#2 - Considering unborn babies to be disposable and allowing them to be killed even up to the last moment before birth.

I know I am pretty darn sure it is not the pro-lifers that are extreme! Any more than those of us who believe in the Second Amendment are extreme for wanting to protect our right to defend our lives, homes, and families with firearms!!!

I consider it kinda extreme and crazy that the politicians and celebrities who speak out the loudest against gun ownership are among the elite class that has body guards and protective details . . . who ALL carry guns!!! Sooo, I guess it would be okay for me to own a gun if I also hired someone else to carry it for me?

All in all, I find the majority of the views expressed by the Left to be extreme . . . as in extremely silly! I listen and read time after time trying to make sense of some of their ideas. I keep coming up with nuthin'! A big fat zero for the logic column. Now, I am not saying they are stupid, but they are certainly not making much sense.

The problem is that silliness or stupidity can be dangerous and even deadly. Have any doubts about that, just think about some of the dumb things done by people that result in disastrous outcomes. I know many of them start off with the words, "Look at me" or "Y'all ain't gonna believe this"! Stupid is as stupid does. Dumb and dumber do walk among us. But, even if idiocy is common, it still makes no sense.

Just like Andrew Cuomo's anti-Conservative rant made no sense. But, hey, if there are any Conservative New Yorkers feeling unloved and unwanted in New York, come on down to Texas! We like Conservatives and even accept Liberals . . . just check out Austin! Plus, we even got some New Yorkers that have already made the move. So, y'all come!

© Suzann C. Darnall, JANUARY 2014

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