Not So Happy New Year

Suzann Darnall

I greatly fear this will be the widespread feeling across America as 2014 begins. Very much a not so happy New Year. And, there seems little we can do to affect the inauspicious beginnings of what should be a time for renewal and fresh starts.

We have brought much of this distress upon ourselves. American citizens have too long languished in the doldrums of inactivity and inattentiveness regarding our government. Far too many of us have simply sat along the sidelines or atop the fence and allowed politicians to simply do as they may, without considering that everything the politicians and government do affects our lives both personally and publically.

The majority has too often allowed the tyranny of the minority for fear of being accused of one or more of the many politically incorrect labels, most of which are falsely used at the drop of the hat and bear no relation to the realities of who we are and what we do. Because we have allowed fear of being politically incorrect to rule over our lives, we now find ourselves in the political, societal hell of our own making. A place where we cannot do much of anything to relieve the stress and distress that now rules even down to what we are allowed to eat in some cities and what we can say in far too many venues. The Political Correctness (PC) is just a new way to practice old tyrannical controls.

It is time American citizens stand up and take back our freedom. We must exercise our constitutional rights and push back against the ever-encroaching government, politicians, and PC police. The Progressives have expanded their PC control efforts to include almost anything and everything in our lives. They want to tell us how to be a family, what to eat, what to wear, what to drive or ride, what to watch, what to say, who is popular, what is an acceptable religion, whether we should profit from our work, force us to support their "charities" while denying tax-free status to our "charities", and the list goes on and on and on . . . seemingly without any end to the intrusions they consider acceptable to make into our privacy.

It is possible we have allowed the Progressives, Socialists, Democrats, Leftists, and others to make too many inroads into too many aspects of our life to ever get them out again, but we must try. We must be vigilant. We must not be afraid of their name-calling. Names will never hurt us, but their excess controls will destroy us! They already take our money and our freedom . . . so, when will they begin taking our lives?

We must begin now to fight the political battles of 2014 and 2016. We must watch closely at all polling places for fraud. We must insist on nationwide photo ID voting! We must challenge those places which turn in votes exceeding populations or registered voter rolls. We must quit allowing the Left to somehow shame us into being passive about allowing them to steal elections. They are not just stealing elections, people! They are stealing our government, our country, our freedom, and our lives! When we allow them to walk all over our rights we allow them to trample our liberty into the dust and we become their serfs.

We will soon be little more than slave-like minions in their evil empire of complete domination. We will do only as they allow and I can guarantee they will allow very little. We will exist solely to serve our political masters and do only as they deem acceptable.

If any of y'all doubt my predictions for 2014, just recall what has happened in the past 5+ years under Obama. Think about the things happening in NYC under Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Remember the many idiotic things said and done by Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. Look at Obama's list of czars and his many signed executive orders . . . both things that operate outside our constitutional government checks and balances! And, check out what is going on with ObamaCare!!! If that one fiasco alone does not terrify you, you aren't paying attention!

These people do not care about American lives or the quality of American lives. If they did, we would not have had 4 dead diplomats in Libya . . . with a Secretary of State asking, "What difference does it make?" We would not have government medical controls being implemented that take away our choices of plans, doctors, and hospitals, while limiting our access to treatments and options. It is with very good reason that I fear for our lives under an out-of-control Democratic controlled government! These people are neither rational nor compassionate. They are just greedy for more power! They will take it any way they can and do anything to keep it! Even lie, cheat, and steal!

So, while we may not be able to make a happier start to 2014, let's do all we can to make a happier ending for 2014! Make a resolution to be proactive in the political arena. Find the local organizations best suited to preserving our constitutional freedoms and join with them in the efforts to defeat the Democrats and Progressives in every race possible! Don't even allow a Democrat to be elected dogcatcher! 'Cause the Democrat at the local level today maybe the Democrat with enough power to become president in a couple of decades! Stop them at the front gate and allow them to go nowhere! It may well be the only way to wrest back our rights and ultimately preserve our freedom!

© Suzann C. Darnall, DECEMBER 2013

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