All I Want for Christmas . . .

Suzann Darnall

. . . Is the strength to face what is coming in the midterm election battles. But, what I will settle for is the joy I know I will see in the faces of my loved ones. I know there will be numerous opportunities for sharing love and laughter along with some traditions and tears.

I look forward to the new traditions that are cropping up as my family expands and we add new experiences that suit both younger and older members. I look forward to the sorta kinda new, yet old, experience of having kids living in the home expecting Santa to visit and the joy we will see on their faces when they awaken Christmas morning to see presents under the tree. I also look forward to old traditions, like going to view the Windcrest Christmas light tour, down in San Antonio, with our children and grandchildren. Then, we do dessert afterwards at one of the nearby restaurants. Or, getting together on Christmas Eve to open family gifts. Or, gathering on Christmas Day to have a family feast. Or doing one of the dozens of little things that make it Christmas at my home or with my family.

I will once again tally these small blessings, cherish them, and use the joy they bring as a shield against the things which would bring unhappiness into my soul. And, unfortunately, I think 2014, like each year since Obama's election, will carry a big load of unhappy. The kind of unhappy that ain't gonna get better quick. In fact, I am pretty sure we will all be suffering for as many years as the Progressives hold the upper-hand in government. .

But, we cannot give up. We must bolster ourselves to keep fighting those who would oppress us. We must use the good things in our lives to give us strength to resist the bad things. We must join together with like-minded family, friends, and members of our communities to spread the word that bigger government, higher taxation, and increased regulation are not the solution, they just acerbate the problems our country currently faces.

As we celebrate this holiday season, let us remember with each Christmas bell we hear that America is the place on earth where we should always and forever let freedom ring! Not just the freedoms that people on the Left like Barack Obama, George Soros, or Hillary Clinton happen to approve of, but ALL of the freedoms to which we are entitled under our Constitution and Bill of Rights.

So, I ask all Conservatives to enjoy whatever holiday they celebrate this season. I will be celebrating an oh so traditional Christmas. But, I have friends who will celebrate Hanukkah and some who will celebrate both. It does not matter. One of the freedoms we are supposed to enjoy and support is the freedom to worship as we will . . . and to allow that freedom to others. A tolerance I fear is being trampled further down into the dust every day.

Store up the good memories of this coming month. Use them as an impetus to fight to preserve our way of life so that we can have more good times in the coming years and so there will be good times for our posterity in the coming decades.

May I wish to all y'all a happy holiday, whichever one you may celebrate! I, of course, will be hoping for a very merry Christmas. Not exactly holding my breath for that Happy New Year, though. I think that got deep-sixed with the implementation of the ever-expanding ObamaCare disaster.

© Suzann C. Darnall, DECEMBER 2013 UPDATED

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