Suzann Darnall

They refer to the ObamaCare website as a marketplace, which sounds like a person can go shopping for what they want. Instead it is more like a very small, old-fashioned, vending machine with exceedingly limited choices. A broken vending machine that only works intermittently so far as passing out the goodies, but always takes and keeps our money.

But, hey, if we put a Liberal-type damage-control spin it becomes: look at how we are being saved from eating stale peanuts, fattening cookies, chips with too much salt or too much sugary chocolate. AND, since it didn't give us our money back, we are saved from trying to get the junkfood elsewhere. Thus, we are sooo much healthier and better off just because the machine doesn't work! How lucky are we to have that broken vending machine looking out for us? Ummm ... NOT!!!

But, the Democrats and the Leftist Media keep trying to put the same kind of idiotic spin on the broken ObamaCare rollout. Non-working marketplace website, people losing their healthcare plans because of over-reaching requirements, and the excessive cost of the ObamaCare plans are seen as little glitches on the way to a better healthcare world where everyone has what the government deems better. They ignore the facts and reality as inconvenient truths that must be swept aside on the way to the transformation of America.

Transformation to what? A nationwide broken vending machine? An economy where nothing works? A new world where we keep giving the government money and we get nothing back? I don't think I like this transformation. I don't think most of my fellow citizens like it either. So, now we have got to figure out how to get rid of Obama's broken vending machine that costs us too much money and either sells us stale peanuts or leaves our stuff hung up on the hook just out of our reach.

One thing we can do is hire a new vendor! As in elect new governments . . . from local to national. Keeping the same vendors we have now means we will be stuck with the same broken vending machines. Oh, they might give the machine a new paint job, promise that the snacks are tasty, but then we will once again find the stale goodies are just out of our reach, and we can't get our money back!

I don't eat out of vending machines very often. My choice. They do not offer goodies that I feel are actually good for me. The junkfood does not meet my standards. It is truly substandard in regards to my nutritional desires. But, like I said that is my choice. Other people do choose to eat cookies, candies, and chips. Their choice. I respect their right to choose what they want. And, I think our government should respect our rights to choose what we want. Whether it is a candy bar, a 44 ounce soda, or a health insurance plan.

So, I hope all Conservatives will realize we need to win the upcoming elections! We might not be able to run all the perfect candidates, but we must run the winning candidates! We must find room in the GOP tent for all. We must invite in the TEA Party, the Constitutionalists, the Libertarians, and all others who oppose the Progressive agendas that would strip us of more freedoms if they retain power at any level of government!

I find it ironic that Obama and his administration chose to call their website a marketplace, as if it is a business. Has there ever been an administration more opposed to America's free markets, businesses, and capitalism? Of course, they also refer to ObamaCare as the Affordable Care Act. When it is not affordable nor do they care, but they do put on a good act. Telling a good story ... or what most of us call an outright lie!

Stand up for your rights to keep your money and buy what you want. Vote the Democrats out and more Republicans in! Look not for perfection, but for winners! Clean house of as many Progressives as possible, then shape up those left who don't quite toe the Conservative line. Vote GOP in 2014!

© Suzann C. Darnall, NOVEMBER 2013

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