I Voted

Suzann Darnall

Many polling places give out stickers that say such things as, "I voted" or "I voted today". I always get one and wear it with pride. I also keep them on a mirror to remind me each and every day that freedom is not free. It has been paid for in the blood and sacrifice of our military, and by everyday citizens making the time to go to vote.

November is a very special month for me. My oldest little brother was born in November and came home that same month. Thanksgiving, one of my favorite holidays, filled with family traditions, takes place in November. I get to start listening to Christmas music in November . . . trying to practice some self-restraint by not listening year 'round. November is also the month when most elections take place and I get a chance to exercise one of a citizen's most precious rights: the right to vote!

A lot of people will not exercise that right this month because it is not a presidential year. Most off year elections are mainly confined to more localized races and issues. Governors, senators, and congressmen usually are up for re-election in even years. However, citizens must always be involved in the politics that affect their lives. It is not just national issues, but local issues that shape our futures.

Politicians do not generally begin their careers on the national stage. They start locally. Perhaps as a community organizer. It is for this reason that I do not support any Left-Wingers at any level of politics: local, state, or national. The really nice Democrat guy you support for dogcatcher today, because he is anti-abortion, may someday serve in the Senate and toe the babies-are-expendable party line. This means that every election has consequences. Every election counts. Because every Democrat elected at the local levels means a broader base to support the Left-Wing agenda all the way up to the highest levels.

Every office and every proposition has consequences. They all affect size of government, our liberties, and our pocketbook. Propositions are often about raising taxes or limiting freedom. Each politician we put in place has not just his party's agenda in mind, but his personal agenda. We always need to ask if his agendas fit with what's best for us. Don't ever skip an election day because it isn't important enough. Always remember that liberty and money are at stake! Every election is important because every election affects government and government affects our lives.

I have always felt that Thanksgiving is a celebration of the beginning of our country and our freedom. Voting is a way to keep our country free. So, if you didn't exercise your right to vote this November . . . make sure to put it on your list of November celebrations for next year, and every year!

© Suzann C. Darnall, NOVEMBER 2013

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