The Lyin' King

Suzann Darnall

A cousin sent me a political cartoon showing Obama dressed up as the Cowardly Lion from the Land of Oz. The title was "The Lyin' King". It struck me as fitting on sooo many levels!

I believe Obama is cowardly. I think he is first and foremost afraid of the truth. Second, I think he greatly fears that the American people will discover the facts about who he really and truly is . . . which is not who he purports to be. He is afraid to do his job, like dealing with Congress. He prefers to sit in isolation, protected from reality, and sign Executive Orders like they are royal decrees. He is also afraid to allow free and honest discourse about what he and his cohorts are doing to our freedoms. Unfortunately our supposedly free press aids and abets him in shutting down anything that is not in the Progressive script.

Obama very much lives in an imaginary land like Oz. A place where nothing is as it seems and realism is ignored. He has his minions, but I am never quite sure if they are the somewhat creepy Lollipop Kids or the definitely nasty Flying Monkeys. Then, he has not just one Wicked Witch, but an ever expanding cast of women willing to do his evil deeds. I also believe he has more than one person hiding behind the curtain manipulating him.

He lies continually. I am not sure he is even capable of telling the truth on anything! They can label his lies as anything they want, but it still comes down to him lying! He does not tell the truth. His idea of campaigning AND governing seems to be to weave fairytales and then read them off his teleprompter in hopes of putting people to sleep so they will miss his disastrous transformation of America. Any time he is caught in a lie it is labeled that he was misunderstood or he misspoke. Facts are facts, truth is truth, and if you go away from those it is false and a lie! Obama lives in the ' hood . . . the falsehood!

He most assuredly sees himself as uncrowned royalty! It is totally evident in his excessive spending on lavish vacations, dinners, and parties. As well as his appointing of czars, executive orders, and other methods he uses to bypass the checks and balances in our form of government. He wants to be surrounded by only "yes men" and hear no criticism whatsoever.

I have never liked the movie "The Wizard of Oz" and I particularly dislike the Cowardly Lion. To me a lion should be a noble and majestic animal . . . just as I feel the President of the United States should be a noble and honest man. But, in the fantasy land of Washington DC, as in the Land of Oz, things are warped from what they should be into something that is convenient, and usually fake.

I definitely think Obama is perfectly suited for the lead role as the Lyin' King. But, he is just as definitely NOT suited for his current role as President of the United States . . . because in this real life show he is completely incapable of taking the lead. Because being a leader means taking responsibility for both the good and the bad. He will not even take responsibility for the words that come out of his mouth. Especially the lies.

© Suzann C. Darnall, OCTOBER 2013

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