A Glitch in the System

Suzann Darnall

I am pretty sure it is Obama who is the glitch in our system of government! He and his fellow socialite socialist travelers. They can mess up a whole lot in a very short space of time. They have in fact developed glitches to a fine art!

I used to have a small website building business. I am self-taught in the computer language HTML. I still maintain and update two websites of my own: suziezoo.com and WoolyMammoth.Org. They are relatively simple website constructs. One is for showcasing my quilting business, while the other is for posting my political views. But, although I am self-taught and prefer simplistic websites, I do know where to go for the fancier bells and whistles used for an online presence. It just isn't that hard!!!

One of the simplest things to do is look at a website's source code. This can be done by clicking on "View" in the top bar of one's browser, then click on "Source". This will show you the code used to build the webpage you are viewing. You can simply copy the code, and then tweak it to your needs. This is how I first learned HTML.

There are also numerous programs and businesses that offer online shopping carts, forms, email programs, and the like. Some are even free online. They often have the code pre-written and a user simply has to cut-n-paste to add the function to their website.

This isn't rocket science. It is all available online, in books, and known by computer nerds of all ages. It is just about impossible to not be able to find a more than adequate website builder in any community across the United States. Kids in elementary schools are even learning to build webpages and write computer programs. But, Obama's gang managed to find an incompetent group in another country to vastly overpay to not do the job right!

It is hard to track down the exact cost of the broken ObamaCare website. Some say it cost upwards of $300 million, others put the figure at more than $500 million. For ease in mathematics, I will use a midrange estimate of $400 million. At $200 an hour for a computer tech the administration bought themselves two million man hours. That is 50,000 regular 40 hour work weeks. The equivalent of about 1,000 years of standard work weeks. That is an awful lot of billing time and money for a website that doesn't work. Especially since they crammed it into about three years' time. Hmmm . . . a year only has 26, 208 hours in it. Three years contains less than 79,000 hours. But, I am pretty sure the techies weren't working 24/7 for three years running. Sooo, just how many people did this company have working on this website? And, why did none of them know the coding they were using was a decade or more out of date???

Millions of shoppers visit eBay or Amazon each day, if not each hour. Mom-n-Pop online shops manage to maintain an untroubled flow of orders despite not spending millions of dollars on an outdated defunct ordering system. And, most of the online shopping sites offer security levels of information protection that are apparently missing from the Sibelius nightmare. If big and little shopping sites can manage to not be overwhelmed by traffic, why wasn't the ObamaCare marketplace able to achieve the same? Another big question: why was the ObamaCare website outsourced to a Canadian company? America has some of the most innovative computer and software companies and individuals in the world. Our products are often the stuff other countries pirate to sell for less. So, what possible reason would Obama and his minions have for giving the work to foreigners when so many Americans are sorely in need of jobs and money? Is it just that they hate America???

I for one am quite pleased that ObamaCare has another glitch in its implementation. I hope they never get anything about ObamaCare to work. For one thing, it is all nothing but a great big lie. They keep selling it as health care, but it is actually just health insurance. There is still no promise that you will be cared for by a doctor after you buy it. It is kinda like buying a gift coupon for a store you've never heard of, been to, or even seen advertised. How do you know there is a place to get something back for the money you've spent?

Even some of Obama's Democrats and followers are beginning to slide away from toeing the party line. Some are calling for delays others are just criticizing it in total. A lot of the Red State politicians are beginning to see the looming 2014 elections as a danger zone if they are on the wrong side of this debacle. American citizens are beginning to be very aware of the little ineffectual man behind the curtain who has been pretending to be the great and powerful wizard. Turns out the wizard of Washington DC is just another snake oil salesman passing himself off as a medical expert.

I think many people thought they were catching hold of the coattails of a star by signing on to support Obama and his dream of ObamaCare. Instead it would appear they got hitched to a glitch.

© Suzann C. Darnall, OCTOBER 2013

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