The Liar-in-Chief

Suzann Darnall

Just when I think my disdain for Barack Obama cannot grow any more, he does something to make it actually jump by another significant amount. Listening to him this past week talk about the government shutdown and his refusal to negotiate with Republicans and Congress has caused me to feel nothing but complete and utter contempt for Obama. I currently feel an equal disgust for his despicable Democrat minions in the House, the Senate, and other positions where they do considerable damage to the American people. These political hacks will lie at the drop of a hat and they seemingly care nothing for the suffering they cause with their greedy grabs at more power for government, more money for goodies for themselves, and less freedom for citizens.

Obama's lesser satellite minions in the liberal media are also targets of my disdain. Journalists (whether in print, television, or online), who should be bastions of the truth, are the Democrats ever willing chattels in the spreading of harmful lies, distortion, vagaries, avoidance, and misdirection. They are just extensions of the White House and DNC press rooms. They speak only when commanded by their Progressive leaders. Much like trained dogs in any circus . . . only not nearly so cute or entertaining. I personally have more respect for the trained dogs. They at least do an honest day's work for their rewards. There is very little honest about anything the Leftist media does.

I am driven to distraction by the irritation I feel now when listening to many of the Left's talking heads while following the news. Especially the hard-line so-called strategists, which I begin to feel is political speak for ideologues. Some of them become almost incomprehensible in their frantic efforts to avoid saying anything negative, in regards to the Democrats, about the most dire situations that arise. There are few of them who will answer a direct question. They do little vocal dances around to the first somewhat safe area off to the side of the topic and start an attack against the Conservatives. Sometimes they go so far off-topic as to appear idiotic. And, all along in the process they bend the truth completely upside-down and inside-out to prevent themselves from saying anything even remotely critical of Obama . . . unless it is their old standby of how they also aren't happy with Obama because he did not go far enough. Far enough in what??? Completely and utterly destroying our economy? Our military? Our society? Our medical system? Our way of life? Our freedoms? How much further do they want Obama to go in fundamentally changing America? Which seems to be Leftist speak for making the USA into something more resembling a third-world nation than a super-power.

I would be remiss if I did not address two of Obama's most sycophantic liars on deck: Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi. Harry Reid is particularly disgusting to me. He no longer even offers a sham of Senate protocol or pretends to cloak his lies by adding question marks at the end. He just layers lie on lie and sets up roadblocks to anything that might help curb government over-spending. Since I am also a Mormon, it breaks my heart knowing he is a member of our church.

As for the Number One California diva herself: Nancy, I can only wonder why with all the venom she spews she has not lost her limbs and crawls on her belly like the serpent in the Garden of Eden? And don't even get me started on her wild-eyed, death's head grin, crazy lady look that she wears for virtually any and all press interviews or photo ops. She absolutely looks demented as she goes off on some weird tangent about the Right and proceeds to spout poison and falsehoods with little or no regard for how insane she sounds. She wouldn't know a fact or the truth if it came up and introduced itself by name. She has lived in the LaLa Lands of California and Big Government for so long that any contact with reality has been seemingly completely severed for her. She now lives in a Leftist bubble universe of her own making, insulated from such unpleasant things as facts, and willing to do anything to maintain her version of what is real.

But, as reprehensible as the minions are, I place the major portion of blame where it belongs, right on the head of Obama, Liar-in-Chief. He has set the tone for Washington, the liberal media, and the Democratic Party. He has made lying and vitriol the verbal fashions of the day. The supposed great orator is nothing more than a great deceiver. He is a story-teller of the first magnitude only if you mean "telling stories" as a euphemism for lying.

While I accept that lies and deception are often a part of politics, and I acknowledge that Republicans and Conservatives are not completely guilt-free when it comes to such practices, I do know that the gap between Liberals and Conservatives grows ever wider. For me one of the big differences that jumps out is the willingness of the Left to lie more frequently, while more folks on the Right are less willing to hide behind deceptions. I am not talking just about politics, but all throughout our society.

If we do not engender morals and ethics in our children may God have mercy on our souls 'cause otherwise we are headed straight to Hell in the hand-basket of dishonesty. A dishonesty that spreads an ever wider influence across this great nation. Fraud, waste, and abuse abound in our government. This is nothing more than thievery and lying . . . no matter that it is dressed up in a somewhat slightly less tawdry title. But, the most distressing thing about the fraud, waste, and abuse is the amount of it being done with the approval of our fellow citizens. Those recipients of the unlawful benefits that stagger our economy to a standstill.

We need to clean House . . . and Senate, and White House, and all the seats of government right down the line to our local neighborhoods and communities. We need to clean out the base deceivers. Hold our politicians to a higher standard. Hold ourselves to a higher standard. Only in this way can we hold our heads up in pride as the American citizens of a truly great nation. A nation worthy of the line, "One nation under God"! © Suzann C. Darnall, OCTOBER 2013

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