A Waste of Time?

Suzann Darnall

"For lack of a better way of describing this, it has been a big waste of time."

This is what Harry Reid said on the Senate floor after Ted Cruz's more than 21 hour "filibuster". Of course, I believe Harry Reid does find the legislative process of our form of representative government to be a waste of time. I am quite sure he would much prefer that our Democrat overlords could merely make their demands known, point their fingers, and say, "So let it be written, so let it be done". Much like Pharaoh in the movie, "Ten Commandments". In fact, this is kinda what The-Man-Who-Would-Be-King (AKA: Obama) does with his executive orders, ain't it? And, what he can't get done that way, he and his cohorts sneak through various backdoor methods such as late night votes, regulations, "czar" appointments, or other schemes that bypass the checks and balances of our government process.

Well, I do not agree that it was a waste of time. I think it was a worthwhile effort to get as much of the ObamaCare fiasco into the news cycle as possible. If reading "Green Eggs and Ham" or imitating Darth Vader kept public interest on Ted Cruz a little bit more, I am all for it! Sometimes you gotta think and speak outside the box to get some folks to wake up and see the train wreck coming down the track. And, I think most sensible people agree that ObamaCare is just a disaster waiting to happen . . . the parts of it that haven't already crashed down upon us like two-tons of rusty and useless steel.

I applaud Senator Ted Cruz and his loyal companions for their efforts at waving the danger flags along the track, trying to save people from the derailing train that is Obama's signature legislation. It is going to potentially devastate or destroy the 40-hour work week, our ability to get adequate medical care, a large portion of the economy, and most family incomes. Not to mention more as yet unseen problems that seem to crop up exponentially with regard to this law.

Obama and his minions call it the "Affordable Care Act". Well, everything thus far is proving it to be entirely unaffordable! In fact, it is so costly that Congress has even voted in exemptions or subsidies for themselves and their staffs. Obama has granted waivers all over the place to big business and union cronies. Of course, there is no relief in sight for the man-on-the-street taxpaying citizen. Even though the healthcare that was supposed to save the average American family $2500 per year is now projected to cost that same family more than $7500 over what they pay now. Meaning Obama and his number-crunchers got it wrong by $10,000!!! That's a pretty big "OOPS!" in most family budgets.

I do agree with "Prince" Harry to a small degree about there being waste in DC. But, it is a waste of time and money that goes on pert near all the time. If I had my way we would not pay more than minimum wage to anyone in government and we would require them to clock in-and-out with no options for over-time. I'd also cut their staffs to a minimum, so the legislators actually had to do their own work. Maybe if it was a little less cushy and a whole lot harder we'd get a little more competent people applying for the privilege. And, above all, at this time, I'd require them to use the same healthcare plans that are available to the average citizen across America. No so-called Cadillac plan, subsidies, waivers, exemptions, or special treatment of any kind. If it can't be had by John Smith or Mary Jones, it shouldn't be in place for Senator Harry Reid or President Obama. See how long they thought ObamaCare was wonderful then!

I thank Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Paul Rand, Marco Rubio, and those who stood with the American citizens during this recent "filibuster". I know it was merely symbolic, but then again, so is our flag and it is revered across the continent by true patriots. Sometimes symbols are among the most important things we have. A wedding band. A ribbon for valor. The sacrament. All symbols. All important. A waste of time? I don't think so, Harry. Not at all.

© Suzann C. Darnall, SEPTEMBER 2013

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