A Real "Phony" Scandal

Suzann Darnall

The Missouri State Fair has slapped an unnamed rodeo clown with a lifetime ban for his use of a mask to parody Obama. The media, the Left, and even some on the Right are going nuts about the skit having been performed. However, has anyone ever heard about the rodeo skit in 1994 where a dummy wearing a George Bush was attacked by a bull? Or the numerous other rodeo clowns that have made fun of the various presidents and politicians over the years?

My nine year old granddaughter, who loves to watch the news with me, said, "It's not exactly a big deal if it's happened to all the other presidents." If she gets it, why can't the liberals and all the other idiots who apparently have nothing actually important to do?

But, apparently the anointed one is off limits. And, anything that pokes fun at him is seen as racist and therefore beyond the pale. But, isn't it just business as normal to rag on presidents and politicians? Not to mention definitely on par to go a bit over-the-top when it comes to skits by rodeo clowns. They are clowns for goodness' sakes! Oh, and, by the way, isn't that how we oft times see (and refer to) the presidents and politicians being parodied? As clowns??? I know I think Washington, DC right now is kinda like that mini-car in the circus where it is just stuffed full of a bunch of silly clowns!

© Suzann C. Darnall, AUGUST 2013

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