Big FAT Zero!

Suzann Darnall

I listened to Obama's recent press conference addressing the recent scandals, including the NSA spying. He repeatedly promised "increased transparency". He also talked, rather incessantly, about wanting to make the American people more comfortable about the programs in place. Well, I can see absolutely no way I will ever be comfortable about Barack Hussein Obama's idea of so-called transparency. 'Cause he and I don't do math the same way.

He has this idea that his administration is the most transparent in history. But, I can't help feeling it is one of the most back-door dealing, hidden in the shadows secretive bunch of liars, dodgers, and incompetents ever to "lead" our country. Leading us right into doom-n-gloom.

Knowing that his transparency level is zero, how can I believe that multiplying it will make it any better? Even in modern math I think zero times anything still equals zero . . . right? And, that pretty much sums up Obama for me. A big fat zero!

© Suzann C. Darnall, AUGUST 2013

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