War on Prosperity

Suzann Darnall

It is no wonder Obama can't recognize the need for a war on terror; he is too busy waging a war on American prosperity. He launched another missile against prosperity with his speech about so-called "climate change" and the measures he will attempt to force on America's energy options with possibly unconstitutional executive actions that will most likely bypass Congress. Measures that will drastically affect American household budgets due to the impact on such industries as coal, oil, natural gas, and electricity. Measures that will most likely sink more money into failing energy choices such as Solyndra and Fisker, while penalizing coal-producers and users, as well as oil and natural gas interests.

ObamaCare is another volley of missiles aimed right at the heart of American prosperity. It will cost people and companies more for medical care, as well as cause companies to opt for fewer workers as well more part-time workers to avoid higher costs and/or penalties. Thus, in the long run, it will take money out of citizens' pockets, food off their tables, and put them out of work.

The push for immigration reform, which actually fixes nothing and makes it all worse, is another example of the Left's war on prosperity. Much of what is proposed will reward employers for hiring the "new" Americans and dumping their current employees. Why? 'Cause the companies will not have to pay for medical insurance for the "new" Americans, as opposed to having to provide coverage for others.

I know that what is happening now is a definite war on my family's personal prosperity. It costs us more to buy gas, food, electricity, clothing, ammunition, horse feed, etc. I am forever seeking after ways to save money. We use coupons, look for sales, comparison shop, and so on. Trying to stretch every dollar and save any pennies. Like most other folks I know.

For most Americans, prosperity starts at the "kitchen table". It comes down to whether we have a few extra dollars at the end of the month; just enough to pay for everything; or if we actually end up in the hole. Very few of the folks I know count on having any significant surplus after they pay for everything. An awful lot of Americans are just by . . . if they are managing to get by at all. Economics 101 American Family style: scraping

Monthly income $4.000.00, monthly expenditure $3,900.00, result happiness.
Monthly income $4,000.00, monthly expenditure $4,100.00, result misery.
(To paraphrase Charles Dickens)
For me, when Obama and his Leftist cohorts wage their war on American prosperity, it is a war against me. Against my family. Against my friends. My community. My country. Our way of life. It is a personal attack on my well-being. On our well-being. It is not something I should have to fear from my government. But, then again, I am learning there are lots of things I have to fear from this administration's idea of governance.

© Suzann C. Darnall, JUNE 2013

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