This President is Not Above the Law

Suzann Darnall

In July 1974, the United States Supreme Court declared that no president is above the law. Not being an expert in jurisprudence, I think I am still capable of figuring out that this also means those in his administration are not above the law. And, yet, the current occupant of the White House, who is oft times touted as a constitution law professor, seems to think laws do not apply to him or his minions. Heck, he even seems to feel it is okay for his own United States Attorney General to commit perjury and flout the 1st Amendment . . . or any other Amendments that are inconvenient at the time.

But, it is not like Eric Holder is the first one in Obama's administration who is less than truthful or less than law-abiding. The list is does sorta go on and on . . . starting right at the top with Obama himself. The current administration is rife with liars and those who would trample on the laws of this nation, starting with the Constitution and right on down.

One of my own personal favorites is tax-cheat Timothy Geithner who was Secretary of the Treasury until January of this year. Seems kinda counter-intuitive to appoint a man to head the department that controls the Internal Revenue Service who apparently feels he is not obligated to pay his taxes to the IRS. Hmmm . . . ?

Then, another fav of mine is Rahm Emanuel, current mayor of Chicago, former White House Chief of Staff to Obama. To get this man elected in Obama's home town they had to flout the laws of Chicago, Cook County, and Illinois. But, dang, y'all gotta admire them for getting it done! What's a trivial little issue like residency when you can put one of Obama's best friends right there where he can do some good for the Democrats? Chicago-style politics at its best . . . or worst, depending on your worldview.

Then, we have dear Hillary Clinton. The . . . ummm . . . grand ol' lady of the Democratic Party. Obama's Secretary of State until February 2013. Don't know for sure if she is the one who decided to allow four Americans to be killed in Benghazi, but do know she lied about what happened before, during, and after the raids that resulted in the loss of lives.

Lest y'all think I am being pettifogging in considering lying to be a breaking of the law, let me remind you that these people gave oaths to uphold the laws of this country, not to mention that some of their lies were told while under oath to investigatory government bodies. In short, some of them have repeatedly lied to Congress! That's called perjury, which is a crime. Oh, and, so is tax-evasion . . . even if you go back and pay them later, you broke the law.

I could write a virtual novel about all the lawbreakers and liars in Obama's White House, but I am actually trying to keep this somewhat short and concise. I am not trying to bring all the wrong-doers into the light, I am simply trying to shine a bit of light on the obfuscation that is Obama's political machine to allow people to see that there's a whole lotta bad things going on under cover darkness. These Leftist ideologues use the media equivalents of smoke-n-mirrors to deflect detection from their never-ending litany of untruths and side-stepping story-lines.

It would seem, at least in the minds of Obama and his cohorts that "this president is above the law". Wow! How did we get to this place in our history? More importantly, how do we get away from it?

I think we get away from this very dark place in America by holding tight to the morals and ethics many of us hold dear. I think we demand accountability from our government. We stand up for our laws and our Constitution. We insist our politicians do the same. And, most of all, we vote the lowlifes out of office as soon as possible and by the droves. If they cannot tell the truth, let them go home to lie to the next-door-neighbors, not to the American citizens!

We need to vote Right, vote Right, vote Right . . . until there is nothing Left!

© Suzann C. Darnall, MAY 2013

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