IRS = Infernal Retaliatory Services?

Suzann Darnall

As a patriotic Conservative who leans a bit Libertarian, votes Republican, and supports the idea of smaller government held by most TEA Party groups, I am quite frankly frightened by the news coming out that the IRS has targeted groups who share my values. I find it frightening because if they are targeting groups, what keeps them from then targeting individuals? As if the IRS powers are not already too heavy-handed, it appears some were exercising unfettered pressure against Conservatives.

Conservatives have been complaining for years about being unfairly targeted and audited by the IRS. But, the liberal media and the Obama administration just "pooh-poohed" the accusations. Well, guess what? Conservatives weren't being paranoid conspiracy theorists ... 'cause there was a conspiracy to aggressively target them!

I have never been approving of the IRS or the idea of income tax. I think it is just a way to feed the greed of DC without adequate representation or safeguards for "we the people". It, more than almost anything else in our government, turns us from citizens into taxpayers . . . and does it to such a degree and so impersonally that we are more and more becoming little more than serfs to serve the political machine that churns out laws, but all too seldom turns out justice.

But, despite my reservations about the IRS, I had thought, up until now, that it was a non-partisan entity. Dealing unfairly and greedily with Conservatives, Liberals, and all others alike. To now find out that, like the media, they have become little more than another arm of the Democratic Party, is terrifying. They already wield untold powers to seize money and property, assess fines, and even jail people.

What recourse do Conservatives have if the Democrats can now sic 'em on us at will? To whom would we appeal for justice or relief? Obama's Department of Justice, headed up by Eric Holder, who seemingly doesn't breathe without permission from his very leftist Liberal handlers. I think that would not go well for any Conservative. Not being an Islamic terrorist, any TEA Partier would be lucky to get Mirandized before being jailed!

I have no doubt that all of this IRS harassment of Conservative groups was orchestrated through the White House and the Democratic National Committee as part of their efforts to ensure Obama was re-elected. Just as I figure the hiding of the truth about Benghazi was done to improve his chances of a second term. The Liberals will seemingly balk at nothing to further their agenda and right now they apparently see Obama as a priceless commodity in their march to destroy as much liberty as possible until we are all nothing more than compliant wait-staff to the ravenous and bloated glutton that is our government.

Obama and the Left rave regularly about fairness and equality. Where is the fairness here? Where is the "equal protection under the law"? I think it has been a long time since most citizens have actually paid their fair share. Some are paying nothing and others are paying too much. And, I think some of the amounts paid may now be shown to be directly linked to which party line they toe.

Shame on our government for allowing it to come to this. And, even more, shame on us for letting them get away with it for so long. "We the people" need to start fighting for our freedoms to be restored to us. We need to let our government know that we will hold them accountable for the lies and the lawlessness. We must not cease to strive for liberty. Just as Americans fought the tyranny of a monarch more than 200 years ago, we are now fighting the tyranny of our own government.

All freedom-loving peoples of America must join now to seek the truths behind the myriad of scandals surrounding the Obama White House. We must not let them slide it off onto low-level minions, allowing the real perpetrators to get off scott free. We must demand equality. Equal treatment for Conservatives and Liberals. Especially when it comes to the Democrats wanting everyone to "pay their fair share". Otherwise we are back to a new kinda "taxation without representation".

© Suzann C. Darnall, MAY 2013

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