Liberal Bigotry

Suzann Darnall

We hear a lot from the Left about Conservatives being bigots, with an emphasis on racism. I want to take exception to being lectured by a group that consistently practices bigotry of all kinds . . . including racism.

Right now, in the gun control issue . . . which in my opinion should be called citizen control . . . the Left is all across the board with who they are targeting. They go after whites, the elderly, Christians, and women, just to mention a few of the groups the Left seemingly considers unworthy of exercising their Second Amendment rights.

Some on the Left try to point out that many of the mass shootings being done by white males shows that gun violence is predominantly being perpetrated by whites. But, among other things, they overlook the never-ending gang violence, which is predominantly NOT being done by whites. They manage to ignore the fact that mass shootings, though tragic beyond belief, are actually a relatively miniscule fraction of the gun violence that happens in America . . . and the world . . . each and every day. And, most of the gun violence outside America's borders is not perpetrated by whites!

So, why the big Leftist fear of white folks owning guns? Seems to me it is more about controlling the folks than controlling the guns.

The United Nations has apparently decided that guns do not belong in the hands of the elderly. They believe that preventing those 55 and older from having access to guns will save lives. This view of denying senior citizens the right to bear arms is seemingly shared by our own government.

Representative Diana DeGette, D-Colorado, recently mocked a senior citizen at a public forum on gun control. The gentleman was wondering how he was supposed to defend himself under the state's new gun laws. He was particularly concerned about the disadvantage he would be at while facing an armed criminal.

DeGette's response? "The good news for you, you live in Denver. The Denver PD would be there within minutes." She then went on to say, "You'd probably be dead anyway." The final sentence was said with a smirk.

Seemingly the Progressives both here in America and across this planet want to take guns away from seniors. Is this because those of us who are older can remember being taught American and world history that showed the truth about those who would suppress their citizens' freedoms? Those who know how dictatorships often begin with the confiscation of weapons from the people?

I think Barack Obama's comment about people in small towns in the Midwest where "they cling to guns or religion" pretty much says it all about the Left's attitude towards the Christian Right and their beliefs in God and the Constitution. To me it is very apparent that they will always want to deny weapons to us more than they want to deny them even to the Islamic terrorists.

Then, there is the advice numerous mouthpieces on the Left pass out to women about self-defense, other than guns. Colorado Democratic State Representative Joe Salazar suggests we rely on rape whistles, call boxes, and safe zones. But he is in good, albeit stupid company, with the University of Colorado which advises the following gems for preventing rape: Kick off your shoes. Don't take time to look back; just get away. Or, my personal favorite, vomit or urinate on the attacker. Can all the women out there give me a "What the heck???"

Given that I am a white, Christian woman who is about to turn 55, I take all of this very seriously. Especially as I am also a gun owner who takes my Second Amendment rights just as seriously.

I very much want Obama, the United Nations, and the Progressive Left to keep their damned hands off my guns! I want them to leave alone my rights and freedoms. I have God-given rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I also have Constitution-given rights to help me protect and maintain the first three I mentioned. And, one of the most important among these is my right to bear arms! Because an unarmed citizen is soon nothing more than a slave.

© Suzann C. Darnall, APRIL 2013

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