Easter Egg Extravaganza

Suzann Darnall

I have been listening to news stories for a very long time about places and people doing away with Easter celebrations, Christmas displays, and anything remotely Christian in general. Most of them use the excuse that Christianity is exclusionary. They also say that not everyone is a Christian or that not all people celebrate holidays. I think all of the aforementioned malarkey is just a bullying tactic used by the Progressives to push Christians into a deep, dark corner where they hope we will keep our mouths shut for fear we might be called bigots or something worse.

Well, I, for one, am not going to go sit in their little, dark hole and keep my belief in my God to myself! To do so would be the same as Peter denying Jesus three times before the cock crowed. Ain't happening here!

Nor do I intend to give up the joy of celebrating Easter. Not just as a celebration of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ's triumph over the grave, but as a happy time of family fun. I am quite capable of knowing the difference between the religious aspects and the secular aspects of Easter . . . as well as being quite capable of enjoying both sides of this very precious holiday.

Speaking of things with two sides, I found some very delightful chocolate coins covered in gold foil to use in our treasure-filled Easter eggs! The grandkids are going to love them, as well as the other little treats, toys, and money we hide for the hunt. We also have cascarones. Those are confetti-filled eggs for having what I call a Texas snowball fight. You can throw them at each other, crack them over each other's heads, etc. Lots of fun always had by the participants. Or those just watching the silliness!

We often do the Easter Egg Extravaganza on a day other than Easter Sunday. That allows more time for the playing, as well as making it so everyone can go to church without quite so much confetti in their hair. And, most importantly, it allows us a little more time on Easter to focus on the real meaning of the holiday, which is our Lord Jesus Christ.

I understand that not everyone is a Christian nor does everyone celebrate holidays. I respect their right to worship or not worship as they wish, as well as their choice to celebrate or not celebrate as they wish. I merely ask that they allow me the same options. And, for the record, I choose to both worship and celebrate!

So, to paraphrase the bible: As for me and my house, we will celebrate Easter . . . and Christmas . . . and . . . Valentine's Day . . . and the Fourth of July . . . and . . . In short, we will celebrate our religion, our country, and our holidays. We will use them as excuses to gather in prayer and in fun. We will celebrate our freedom as Americans. Oh wait . . . I guess that is kinda not politically correct either, 'cause America is considered to be exclusionary as well. Oops, my bad!

Anyway, politically correct or not, Happy Easter to all my Christian friends and readers. May those who celebrate the Jewish holiday of Passover be blessed as they pay tribute to God and their history. May all others enjoy any holidays or non-holidays to their liking. May everyone enjoy the renewal of springtime! A time of joy. A time to celebrate new life. Let us all stop and smell the roses, or lilies, or honeysuckle. Whatever is blooming wherever you are . . . enjoy it!

© Suzann C. Darnall, MARCH 2013

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