The Sum of Our Parts

Suzann Darnall

Some folks seem to still be undecided about their stand regarding politics and social issues. I would like to offer them a very simple litmus test that can be used by simply asking themselves a few easy questions: What kind of person do you want to be? How do you want others to see you? What are your values?

The Donkey and His Purchaser

A man wished to purchase a Donkey, and decided to give the animal a test before buying him. He took the Donkey home and put him in the field with his other Asses.

The new Donkey strayed from the others to join the one that was the laziest and the biggest eater of them all.

Seeing this, the man led him back to his owner. When the owner asked how he could have tested the Donkey in such a short time, the man answered, "I didn't even need to see how he worked. I knew he would be just like the one he chose to be his friend.

from Aesop's Fables

The moral of this fable is: you are known by the company you keep. I think this is true whether it is people you actually hang out with or organizations you align yourself with. For me it even comes down to whether all of me is top-drawer or do I let a little bit of iffy-ness creep in.

I used to think I could separate my life into categories and keep the parts isolated. Then, I came to realize that who I am comes from who I am. And, I am a sum of ALL my parts. So, if any part of me is less than who I want to be, it will drag down the other parts of me to that lower level.

Principles are not just guidelines for selected portions of our lives; they must be rules for all aspects of our life. We must live morally and ethically across the board. This is not a pick-n-choose menu where we can decide when we want to live righteously and when we want to ignore those truths which are inconvenient.

Some people seem to believe their religion and their politics have nothing to do with one another. For me it is impossible to separate my politics from my beliefs. My beliefs make me who I am. They are an integral part of me. I have to do my best to live up to the standards set in my belief. And, among those standards are what I believe is fair and just. What I think constitutes good leadership and good government for my country.

I cannot approve of politicians and organizations that support the free-n-easy killing of our future . . . in the form of ever increasing options for abortion. I am so tired of hearing about pro-choice. It isn't about a choice. It is about a baby! It is about the death of a baby. It is ultimately about being pro-death. This one issue is my measuring stick for most of my political choices. I walked away from ever again voting for even a single Democrat because I refuse to support the party of abortion at any level of government!

I guess it really come down to the fact that I am an old-fashioned kind of woman. I want to be associated with folks who are honest, hard-working, God-fearing, polite, and patriotic. I like the saying: Say what you mean and mean what you say. It summarizes honesty in a nutshell. At least for me. 'Cause my take is that if you say it, you mean it, and if you mean it, you do it. Simple plan. Need more planning like that in government . . . and life.

I want to see more true Constitutional Conservative politicians step up to the plate. Also, I think more citizens need to hold all of our politicians to account for what is happening in our country and our government. We have to quit giving them a pass. We have to make them take responsibility for their choices and errors. We can't let them keep passing the buck along to the the next decade and the next generation. In many cases literally 'cause they are passing the debt down to our posterity at an alarming rate.

Another saying I wish more folks took to heart is: If you're going to talk the talk, you've got to walk the walk. Too many people, especially in politics do a lot of talking, but then they don't follow up on the actions promised by their words. We need more walkers and less talkers. Might help with the national obesity problem, too.

I know for certain that I do not want to hang out with the biggest, lazy asses in the country. I want to make my friends among those who are willing to do the hard work. I want to associate with like-minded individuals. For this reason, I prefer to vote Republican and hang out with Conservatives. Consequently, I am okay with being known by the company I keep.

© Suzann C. Darnall, MARCH 2013

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