Oh, For A Modern Saint Patrick!

Suzann Darnall

On March 17th Americans, among others, celebrate Saint Patrick's Day, both as a religious feast and as a good excuse for frivolity. Our family loves "American" holidays and we go all out for many of them, including this one. Our grandchildren set leprechaun traps, while the adults come up with treats and "proof" that leprechauns really do exist.

Two of our grandchildren will be with us for Saint Paddy's Day and so we will set up their trap this evening before bedtime. Tomorrow the children will find "proof" the leprechaun was there, but escaped. There will be "pixie dust" scattered on the table as well as little green footprints (made with chalk) and some gold coins (foil-covered chocolates) that fell from the leprechaun's pocket as he crawled out from under the basket we had propped to fall on him if he jarred the stick. A similar event will take place at the home of our other three grandchildren.

I feel fun is an important part of family. And, celebrating the many traditional holidays scattered through our calendar is a good way to add a little love and laughter into our lives. Besides, a little silliness from time to time is good for the soul.

This year I am particularly partial to the idea of celebrating the life and miracles of Saint Patrick. One of the main things Patrick is renowned for is the banishing of all snakes from Ireland. Oh, that a modern-day miracle worker could do a similar banishment of all the snake-in-the-grass politicians from Washington, DC.

© Suzann C. Darnall, MARCH 2013

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