Grim Fairytale . . .

Suzann Darnall

. . . also known as the 2013 State of the Union address. This fantasy, woven from very few facts and a whole lotta fiction, was presented on Tuesday, February 12th. It is another in the continuing series of fictional works read by Barack Obama whenever he can get the use of a podium, a pair of teleprompters, a pack of his fans, and some media attention. He is kinda like the political version of a storybook lady from the not-so-friendly Library of Congress.

While lots of reporters, journalists, spokespersons, and bloggers have worked overtime to defend, explain, refute, or analyze what Obama said, it really comes down to him once again not telling the truth. You can say he misspoke, distorted the facts, made an error, or whatever, but what he does is lie. Plain and simple. The man is seemingly incapable of holding to the truth for any amount of time.

He stretches the truth, cherry picks statistics to build up what seems to be a fact, alters time frames to make a negative seem like a positive, then uses a complete array of progressive attack tactics, buzz words and catch phrases that make all this debacle he has created seem like a good thing. But, when you get past the curtain and peek at the wizard playing with the giant machine, you see it is all a trip into a land of make-believe. An untrue tale, like those told for centuries to little children.

But, not all of us are his naive little proselytes who willingly listen to his bedtime story and go to sleep dreaming of a land where free milk and subsidized honey flow forever from government faucets. Some of us are all growed up. We realize that nothing from our government is free. All aid and subsidies ultimately come from the taxpayers' own pockets. Of course, if you are one of those who live on the government dole, it is a very nice way to go to sleep. For the rest of us that particular dream is more of a nightmare.

Most people do not realize that many nursery rhymes began as political satire. They were based on historical events and persons. All in all, they may well be more factual than Obama's speeches.

If I didn't know that Dr. Seuss had passed away, I would assume he is writing these fantastic tales of unreality that Obama spins every few days for the entertainment of his oh-so-faithful audience. I look at the shambles Obama and the Left have made of our country and I am reminded of the Cat in the Hat bringing out Thing One and Thing Two, which resulted in the devastation of a house. But, unlike that home, our homeland is not being restored by a black-n-white cat or his badly behaving minions. Apparently no one is listening to the wise little fish trying so hard to warn, "He should not be here".

We are falling down a hole, like Alice in Wonderland, but it is a hole being dug by ever-mounting debt, unfair taxation, suffocating regulation, and excessive laws. And, unlike Alice, we are not going to wake up to find that Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, the Mad Hatter, the Queen of Hearts, and all the other insane characters are part of a rather strange and unpleasant dream. No, we are going to find that Obama and Biden are still presiding, Harry Reid is still hog-tying the Senate, Nancy Pelosi continues to say completely nonsensical statements that have no validity whatsoever, while much of our government runs around and around in circles accomplishing nothing but doing their version of a Lewis Carroll caucus race.

American patriots must fully awaken from our political slumber-land and realize that real world fiascoes are being glossed over in a sugar-coating of lies. But, Obama isn't Mary Poppins and he doesn't have a magic bottle that will make the medicine go down like a spoonful of sugar. We are just gonna have to take our medicine, which means facing the hard truths about what we have become because too many are napping after listening to Obama's story-time. As citizens are sleeping, our freedoms are slipping away.

Let the Progressives follow Obama and his socialist agenda like the rats led away by the Pied Piper. But, do not let them also lead astray the rest of us. Do not believe the pipe dreams the Left are trying to sell as fact. Life is not a dream, no matter how many times you merrily repeat that sweet little campfire song lyric.

© Suzann C. Darnall, FEBRUARY 2013

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