From My Cold Dead Hand

Suzann Darnall

This is not really a researched piece, just sort of an informed emotional rant on what has unfortunately become waaay more than a pet-peeve concern, it has become a very real fear. I am afraid the government is really and truly coming for my guns. For all our guns.

Oh, they may continue for a while with their dribs-n-drabs of controlling this, requiring registration of that, limiting something else. But, know that it all is leading to their ultimate goal of taking away our guns, our ammunition, one of our most fundamental rights under the American Constitution, and our right to defend ourselves in any meaningful way. They are systematically heading that way, unless we stop them in their tracks!

We must stand strong against those who would oppress us and suppress our freedom. We must let our government know that we value our rights and we will not tolerate those rights being trampled by a government running amok. A government currently being led by a man who seemingly hates our Constitution and most of what it stands for: freedom of the people.

I cannot see the ever-increasing power grabs by Obama and his cohorts as anything less than their attempts to turn all citizens into servants to the nation-state nightmare the Left seems to be trying to build on the rubble they are creating as they tear down our American Dream. They talk about wanting to level the playing field, but it seems to me they actually want to raze our way of life. Destroy everything right down to the ground and leave us with nothing except what the government provides . . . which is only what they want us to have.

And, as I see it, they have a lot more possibly of success if they make sure we are mere unarmed serfs and not well-armed citizens. It's been done, at various times and in various places, throughout the world and throughout history. It is one of the reasons our Founding Fathers put the Second Amendment into the Constitution in the first place. Not only were American citizens to be able to defend themselves against foreign oppression, but also against domestic suppression.

It is my right to own guns. It is my right to decide which guns I want to own. I should not have to register them. I should not have limitations placed upon how many I own or how much ammunition I have for each one. Whether I choose a gun for protection, sport, or collecting is my business and mine alone. It is not the government's business how I choose to protect myself or what I do with my recreational time.

We have a ton of gun laws on the books already. They seemingly do nothing to prevent shootings. Many of these laws are inadequately enforced anyway. So, why add more? It is obvious that criminals and scofflaws are ignoring them, so the only targets of more gun-control laws must be the citizenry in general. I personally resent being targeted by elements within my own government. I should have the rights afforded me by my country's Constitution. All lesser laws should not infringe upon my rights through that Constitution. In my opinion, any and all gun control laws are an infringement of my Second Amendment rights.

Before the politicians come after my guns, maybe they should really try enforcing the laws that are supposed to keep criminals who use guns behind bars. And, before they take away my right to defend myself with firearms, if need be, perhaps they should give up their armed bodyguards . . . including the Secret Service! Because, I consider myself and my family to be as valuable . . . in fact more so . . . than all the government officials in all the offices throughout all the world! And, I'm sure many of my fellow Americans feel exactly the same way! I know for a fact that is part of why a lot of us are gun-owners to begin with: to protect our loved ones, our homes, ourselves.

© Suzann C. Darnall, JANUARY 2013

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