Post-Election Blues

Suzann Darnall

A number of friends and family have shared with me their disappointment, sorrow, and depression at the outcome of the election. I absolutely feel their pain, 'cause it is my pain, too.

But, others have also shared me with the message that we must not give up this good fight. We must not allow this to be the end of a war we have lost. We must merely turn it into a single battle that didn't go so well. We must then marshal our forces and look to succeeding in the next engagement. Good can overcome evil, but good must be very careful, well prepared, and never give up.

I feel adamantly that this is a good versus evil situation. I believe this because I believe in the scriptures and I believe in God. I know the Lord has a plan for humanity and I know a big part of that plan entails our freedom, our free will, and our free agency. Call it what you wish, it is a right divined of God. He gave us the freedom of choice and that is something we should let no one take away.

So, I will nurse my wounds for a bit, and then I will wade back into the fray. Because I firmly believe we must fight with all our might to regain our country. To take it back from those who would oppress us by stealing our rights through unconstitutional legislation and stealing our money through excessive taxation.

I hope all those who voted for Mitt Romney will keep up the good fight. I hope they will keep striving to return American values and principles to their communities and to our government. We must maintain our vigilance at the local, state, and federal level. We must keep ourselves apprise on the issues and elections. Do not discount anything as being unimportant. What happens locally does feed up the chain into what happens nationally.

This is why I will not vote for a Democrat or a Democrat supported issue. My goal is to completely choke off the Democrat handholds in government and it has to start right in my own backyard. 'Cause the Democrats at the bottom support the Democrats at the top and vice-versa. So, make them less at the bottom and less of them can make their way to the top.

Right now one of the tools I have to hang onto as I fight through this post-election depression is my anger. Maybe not the most positive way, but it is working for me. Especially when combined with my enjoyment of my life.

I am trying hard to look at the positive things in my life and take stock of how valuable they are to me. My husband, our children and grandchildren, our animals, our home, my friends, my faith, my quilting, etc. These things and many more, make life worth living. And, most of them are things the government cannot take away from me. So, I will hang on to them fiercely.

We also still have some of the freedoms granted us by the Constitution, though Obama and his minions keep chipping away at those. But, let us exercise those we still retain and try to fight to keep from losing any more. Our freedom of speech and religion may be two of the most precious at this time. And, I pray the Second Amendment can withstand the full frontal assault I fear will come in Obama's second term.

But, along with my looking for the happy in my life, I cannot keep out the angry and it is partly because of those things I value. I fear losing them and that makes me mad. 'Cause no American should fear losing their rights or property to an over-reaching government. Heck, at this point in time, I fear being somehow punished for speaking my mind about Obama and his minions. Now isn't that a sad state of affairs?

But, while we are still allowed freedom of speech and unrestrained access to the internet, I will express myself! I hope all y'all will as well. We must speak up and gather unto ourselves those who are like-minded. We must be better prepared for the next round. We must fight harder and smarter. We have got to pray for the Lord's help, and then get to work. We cannot wait for the Lord to deliver us from our bondage. There may not be another Moses or Reagan, there may only be us. Common folks who want their version of normal American back.

'Cause I know I do not like this new normal all that much. Matter of fact, it sucks . . . big time! And, I'm pretty sure it's just going to get worse before it gets better. But, better can happen, if we dig in and git 'er done.

In the meantime, lick your wounds and count your blessings. Then, look around your community and see what resources are available to spread Conservatism across the street, down the block, and all across town.

There is a whole new kind of conservation conversation we need to be having in America. And, it is about conserving America. The America of dreams and freedoms. The America of red, white, and blue. Our America! Where red does not stand for socialism, white is not a flag of surrender, and blue is not how we feel.

God bless America and all y'all. May He bring us comfort in our time of trial.

© Suzann C. Darnall, NOVEMBER 2012, San Marcos, Texas

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