Suzann Darnall

"There's no more serious issue on a presidential campaign than trust. Trust matters."
- Barack Obama, 24 October 2012

For once, I actually agree with Obama. Trust matters! Trust, honesty, integrity, morals, and ethics. I feel all of these are sadly lacking in the Obama administration. It has been confirmed repeatedly throughout this administration that Obama and his minions care very little for the rules and laws that are supposed to govern our country, our society, and our behavior. If a truth is inconvenient they simply resort to the expediency of a lie.

Answer me one simple question, "How do we trust a man who repeatedly lies to us?" Obama knew the day of the attack in Benghazi that it was an act of terrorism, yet he and his administration repeated a lie over and over about it being a spontaneous riot over a You-Tube video.

Even worse, they knew there was danger in Libya, yet did not reinforce the defenses for the Ambassador and the Embassy. They lied about knowing that information as well.

This particular breach of trust is not an isolated event, it just happens to be among the most blatant and horrific. Four Americans died as a result of their negligence regarding defense and then they lied about what caused those deaths. This is more than unseemly, this is beyond the pale! It is totally unacceptable!!!

Some of the liberal talking heads on television have compared the so-called Benghazi- or Libya-gate to Watergate. I am greatly offended by this trivialization of the death of four Americans. I agree that Watergate was a scandal of perhaps epic proportions, but no one died! I repeat, NO ONE DIED!!! That takes it off the table in comparative terms, so far as I am concerned.

It is not just the lies that lead me to distrust Obama and his people; it is that they work so hard to hide so much. They paid millions of dollars to hide Obama's transcripts and other past history documentation that they would be screaming to have exposed if it were any other politician. This is unsettling to me. What is in his past that needs to be kept from the American people? What is so bad that it cannot be brought into the light of day?

Obama and his campaign made much of how they would be the most transparent administration in the history of the White House, yet I believe they have been the most obfuscated. They use numerous tactics to hide their actions and agendas. They hold closed door meetings, avoid press conferences, pass legislation in the late hours of the night, and more . . . all with usually along with a series of lies, half-truths, and/or distortions to further obscure what is actually taking place.

Another reason I mistrust Obama is his repeated failure to take responsibility for most of his actions . . . most notably his failures. If he was in school and hadn't done his worksheets to turn in on time, he would probably say, "The dog ate my homework", when in truth we know that it was actually him that ate the dog, skipped the homework session to do some weed, and then played a little hoops with his friends.

He has a history of making bad choices and being irresponsible. But, now his choices (or even lack of decision-making), have life-altering consequences. Even life-ending consequences. He is all too ready to take credit for the death of Osama Bin Laden, but he also needs to realize that he is just as responsible for the deaths of Christopher Stevens, Sean Smith, Glen Doherty, and Tyrone Woods, if not more so.

Trust? I don't think it even belongs in the same sentence with the name Barack Obama.

© Suzann C. Darnall, OCTOBER 2012, San Marcos, Texas

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