Liar, Liar . . . World's on Fire!

Suzann Darnall

Honesty is the first chapter of the book of wisdom. ~ Thomas Jefferson

I am somewhat amused by the post-debate attacks the Left has launched on Mitt Romney about lying. Especially when the attack is launched by someone from the Obama campaign or administration. I mean, really??? Some of the biggest liars in politics in my lifetime are throwing around that stone?

I think I'd be a bit more careful if I were living in what has become a glass house White House. And, that would not be because of their transparency, which is nonexistent. They live in a glass house of their own making, built by the lies they have told apparently from the beginning of Obama's political history. A fantasy home built of unreality, now given a brand new roof, not to mention some landscaping, by the recent and not so recent scandals on everything from Libya to Solyndra to employment numbers, and on and on and . . .

I say these lies, and others, built the Democrats a glass house, 'cause now pert near everyone is seemingly seeing through their never-ending untruths to the reality of the dishonesty of Obama and his minions. A dishonesty and unreality that is dangerous for America. Their distortion of facts has led to the killing of Americans in Libya, an unprecedented debt, and far too many other disasters to cover in one column.

But, the people who are responsible for all this are calling the other guy a liar? Unbelievable! Like most everything else about Obama's campaign . . . and presidency.

I not only feel that Mitt Romney is an honest man, I more importantly feel that he is a better option for president than Barack Obama. Among the main reasons being that I think he will govern with common sense and sound economics, as well as morals and ethics. Plus I believe he will restore a dignity that has been lost since 2008.

Barack Obama and his administration just keep pouring more lies onto the foundation they've already built. I have no trust in them at all. And, I am pretty sure I am not alone in lacking faith in their veracity as well as their competency.

It is my sincere hope that more voters realize how dishonest Obama is and decide they want someone more fitted to the presidency. I know Romney is the man to start fixing the evils Obama has acerbated with his unethical point of view and immoral decisions. Views and decisions that have led to death, debt, and destruction.

Barack Obama is at best a hypocrite and at worst a chronic liar. I think he is both! Therefore, I pray America gives him his pink slip come November.

© Suzann C. Darnall, OCTOBER 2012, San Marcos, Texas

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