Women's Health . . . Beyond the Pill

Suzann Darnall

Just when I thought the Liberals couldn't get any more crude, they come up with this gem:

Vote like your lady parts depend on it.
Because they kinda do.

Really??? Is it totally impossible for the Liberals to realize that women are not a demographic that can be only defined by their . . . ummm . . . "lady parts"?

Well, maybe it is. They seem to think women's concerns, especially regarding health care, stop and start with the issues of free birth control and on-demand abortions. Besides, this is the Party of those fine upstanding gentlemen: Teddy Kennedy and Bill Clinton. Most of us know their history of high regard for women.

But, back to health care versus Obamacare. I got news for the Democrats; most women I know have lots more issues we want resolved beyond reproductive rights, as it is so coyly referred to. And, the bad news, at least for Obama, is that many of us think Obama doesn't have the answers to our problems, not even with his Obamacare.

The Left not only insults women in general with their crass commentary, they insult our intelligence with their false narratives. The main one circulating right now targeting women is the idea that there is some kind of war on women by the Conservatives that will result in no birth control or abortions. How idiotic can the Left get? Or, how idiotic does the Left think women are?

Hey, women supporting Obama: Abortion is the law of the land. Obamacare ain't givin' ya nothin' ya don't already got! And, while under more Conservative governance, birth control may not be free, it will still be totally available. Whether you want the pill, an IUD, condoms, or something else, you WILL be able to get contraceptives AND at affordable prices.

However, Obama and his minions are playing the abortion/contraceptives scare card for all it is worth. In hopes, I suppose, of solidifying a firm base of voters among women. But, they continue to not get it that some women think outside the box that contains those free Obamacare birth control pills. Many women are actually cognizant of more important health care issues and concerns, not to mention all the other woes Obama has dumped on our country.

In a nutshell, I look at Obamacare this way: it will be the ultimate in deciding what health care women, and all Americans, get . . . if we keep going down this socialist path by allowing Obama to be re-elected. I am terrified of what will happen to women's health care if Obamacare is ever fully implemented. I figure it will literally be the slow death knell for millions of older women throughout our country.

Oh, I am sure young single women will get their fair share of birth control and abortions, but I am equally certain that elderly women will be denied many treatments and procedures that could not only extend their lives, but improve the quality of their golden years. And, I am not the only woman to fear the possible outcome of Obamacare's intrusions into my doctor's office and my medical records.

I spoke, emailed, texted, or messaged with family, friends, and acquaintances to gather a few opinions of what Conservative-leaning women foresee in the future if we are cursed with another four years under Obama and his vision for medicine in America. These are some of the views they shared:

PD: "As a 73 year old woman who has had breast cancer and other serious health issues, I am very frightened of my future concerning health care under the Obamacare program. The way it is set up now, they want to put me on an iceberg and let me die as was the practice by the natives in Alaska many years ago."

KC: "My question is, what will happen to my health care when I hit menopause? I'm more than just body parts. I found that campaign slogan very offensive. At what age in my elderly years am I potential life?"

DL: "My feelings are based on personal experiences which I have already been told by a lib that personal experiences don't make it fact . . . what ever!
Gary is a cancer survivor. He had his prostate removed last year so he has done a TON of research on it.
Even though this is for men we also see it for women as far as mammograms and surgeries. They are now telling men NOT to have a PSA until later in life. If Gary had followed their recommendation, he never would have found his cancer early. His dad died from Prostate Cancer because it was not found right away and was allowed to metastasize. They are also telling women not to have mammograms so early.
They are also recommending that elective surgeries should not be considered. It just scares men and stresses them out . . . what? Now, Gary was told that his was in the early stages and he could do "watchful waiting" but in his research he found where men were told that, did that, then when they finally did something it was too late. Wouldn't you want to just remove it and not have to worry about it?
This is going to also collate with women's health because they are already making the same recommendations."

JD: "It's going to be difficult in my opinion. Obama care will be deciding who you see for what, and they won't be giving you a choice on who you see so that is going to make getting a 2nd opinion even harder. I believe that there will be an increase in uterine, ovarian, cervical cancers. These 3 types don't have all the hype and awareness as breast cancer. I think colorectal cancer is going to rise also especially for women. I'm a firm believer if it sounds too good to be true then . . .
Also I have yet to hear what these "premiums" for Obama care is going to cost and what/how much the penalty is for not carrying insurance."

JG: "I feel that Obama care is the ruination of our already failing health system. Although at my age I am seeing it from an older person's perspective. When we came to Texas 2 years ago we could not find a Dr! They were simply refusing to accept any new Medicare patients!! They feared Obamacare and knew that they were not going to be given fees that were enough for them to remain in practice at all. Obama care means No care!
I am totally disgusted with the women like that ditz from Georgetown who think the rest of the country owes them free birth control! They can't afford a lousy 10.00 a month? Come on, give me a break!"

I am the sum of my parts and I am a lady, but I am more than just my "lady parts", a point that is seemingly lost of Obama and his ilk. My health concerns do not begin and end with reproductive rights, nor do my political, social, and economic concerns. I think I am not alone in this. I think a lot of my sister-friends feel the same. We don't want to be marginalized as the "little woman" by a group that is supposedly looking out for us. For one thing, we wear big girl panties now and can look out for ourselves.

Scary ads by a bunch of apparently dim-witted celebrity women harping about women losing the vote, or not having access to reproductive rights type health care, or any one of the other dinosaur causes they have dragged out of the dark ages of the liberals never-never-land of fantasy, are not gonna get me and most of my kind to change our opinions on Obama or on Obamacare. We live in the real world, we pay the bills, we buy the groceries, we watch the news, and we know that Obama is bad for us. As are all the lies spread by the Left! For true! For very scary true!!!

© Suzann C. Darnall, OCTOBER 2012, San Marcos, Texas

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