Inelegant Truths versus Polished Lies

Suzann Darnall

Among the many choices we must choose between when selecting which man will be president for the next four years, there is the old-fashioned notion of opting for an honest man over a liar. To me this is as important as the many other things that ride on this election. Why? Because I think a man willing to tell the truth, no matter how inconvenient, is going to work hard to fix the problems we face, since he is obviously willing to take the first step towards solutions by admitting that there ARE problems!

Much is made about how likeable Obama is and what a great speeches he gives. I disagree! I cannot possibly like a man who is so dishonest on a daily basis. This dishonesty seems to run rampant throughout Obama's entire administration. And, how can I consider him a great orator when he just layers lie upon lie, then frosts them over with empty promises, and serves it all up with a scoop of clich├ęs? It is like stale birthday cake and melted ice cream. Maybe enticing to some folks back at the Obama's coming out party in 2008, but kinda yucky in 2012.

Mitt Romney may not always come across like Mister Smooth-n-Cool, but I always feel he is telling the truth. Inconvenient, unpopular, and uncomfortable truths, but truth nonetheless. He knows our country has serious woes and he isn't going to play word games to avoid addressing or facing those hard realities.

Romney and Ryan both present facts and solutions, rather than promises and platitudes. That seems to not be good enough for those who keep hoping all the nasty little realities will just fade away because Obama keeps saying he will fix things . . . if we just give him enough time and money. Well, I think we are out of time and we have long been out of money.

Now, don't even get me started on Joe Biden. I am pretty sure that man would not know fact, reality, or truth if it walked up behind him and bit him in the butt. He seemingly just says whatever comes into his head no matter whom, when, or where. The really embarrassing thing for the administration is that he does occasionally seem to inadvertently hit upon the truth . . . but usually it is the truth they don't want exposed. Oops!

So, come November, while you are considering foreign policy, the economy, budget, debt, energy, social issues, and American problems in general, think about the truth and who tells it most often. Think about reality and who is probably most suited for facing up to it. Think about which man is most likely to give you the facts of the situations and the solutions that will actually address the problem. And, think really hard about whether you want an honest man or a liar in the White House.

I know I want a president who is not a liar. I want a president that will tell me the truth. A president that I can trust to do what he says he will do. An honest man. I want Mitt Romney. Why? 'Cause he can handle the truth!!!

© Suzann C. Darnall, SEPTEMBER 2012, San Marcos, Texas

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