We Built That

Suzann Darnall

I have been watching speeches from the Republican National Convention. I do not have time to watch everyone, so I tried to pick those I thought would be the highlights. And, I have not been disappointed thus far. This GOP is something to be proud of and I think all of us who have pushed them to re-establish our conservative roots, can look at this ticket and this party and say, "We built that"

I think the speakers have fully refuted the Democrats' never-ending criticism that the Republicans are the party of tired old white men. Excuse me? Are they looking at the same people I am seeing? Not just on television, but in my every day life. The Conservatives and Republicans cross all kinds of lines: gender, race, religion, economic, etc. Heck, the Conservative movement even crosses party lines.

Yes, we have had speeches by some of the older guard, like John McCain and Mike Huckabee, who are probably some of those old white men the Dems love to hate. But, we have had so many more speeches and presentations by women, young people, and racially diverse folks, including Mia Love, Ann Romney, Artur Davis, Susana Martinez, Chris Christie, Paul Ryan, and far too many others to list. This is the GOP I know personally. A mix of people, not all the same, but fundamentally united in some of the most important political aims to restore America to her greatness. Less government and less spending being list toppers for most of us.

For me one of the fundamental differences between the Democratic Party and the Republican Party is their view of the individuals. Dems seem to view us as taxpayers, while The GOP seems to see us as citizens. This may seem like just a different word for the same thing, but it is a difference that actually speaks volumes about the politicians' views and concerns.

Democrats apparently think government, not individuals, are responsible for anything and everything good in this country. They could not be further from the truth. The government never ever builds anything without first getting money from those same citizens they discount as being a negligible part of the process of building a better country. It is we who should be telling them, "You didn't build that"! Whether it is a road, a school, a business, or a home, it starts with the citizens through their hard work, be it through taxes or sweat.

I am proud of this newer younger vibrant diverse conservative GOP. And, I am pleased that I have been a teeny tiny very small part of helping build or rebuild the Republicans back into the Conservatives that we should have been all along! I am even more proud that I have had sooo many of my fellow Conservatives right there working along the way.

Every one of us who attended TEA Party rallies across, this nation, voted Republican in the 2010 elections, and has been participating in this 2012 election process this far can proudly look at this current GOP election effort and say with great pride, "We built that". It is because we held to our Conservative convictions that this year's Republican ticket mirrors our values in such a strong way.

I am 100% behind Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, and all those Republicans who follow them down the entire ballot. I don't know how all of my fellow Conservatives and Republicans will vote, but I know for me there is no other choice but to choose a straight Republican ticket! I feel that to do anything less will endanger our chances of re-building what has been so badly damaged by Obama and his minions.

What I want most in 2013 is to see White House, Congress, and as many offices down the line held by Republicans! I want to look at a country painted RED by Republicans holding offices all across the nation at federal, state, and local levels. And, I want to be able to think, "I helped build that"!

© Suzann C. Darnall, AUGUST 2012, San Marcos, Texas

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