Real Hope and Change

Suzann Darnall

I have been listening to speeches, ads, sound bites, and interviews of both Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. The main thing I come away with is that they are offering us real hope and change. The hope that America can be restored to the right path and a change from Obama's very wrong course.

I like these men. They seem to share my values, my beliefs, and my vision of America. They are not just Republicans, they are Conservatives. They are God-fearing, family men, who seemingly adore their wives and children.

They seem to like one another and work well together. Something I think has been lacking all too long in Washington, DC. A little goodwill might go a long way towards healing the wounds inflicted upon our nation over these past three+ years. We have certainly seen far too much angst and anger from the politicians currently in charge.

They not only hold out hope, they suggest solutions. They seem to have plans, not just platitudes. They acknowledge that things are bad, but they don't preach doom-n-gloom. Instead, they bring ideas to the table. They offer possibilities to fix things that have gone horribly wrong with the Progressive agenda foisted upon us by Obama and his minions.

I think it is time for America to make a change. A change back to whom and what we were. A proud nation. A safe nation. A respected nation. A country that cared for one another. A nation of rights and freedoms. Not a place that relies on the government or the UN for everything and permission for everything else.

I hope others feel this way as well. I invite all my Conservative readers to share this with others and to work to get out the word and the vote! We must defeat Obama and the Left in November. For the sake of our country, ourselves, and our children!

© Suzann C. Darnall, AUGUST 2012, San Marcos, Texas

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