A Choice Election

Suzann Darnall

This has been a strange election season for me. In primaries and elections, I have been selecting a lot of the people based on some somewhat different criteria than usual.

In some cases there wasn't really a lot of info or difference to help me make a rational, sensible choice between candidates. There were some things I liked or disliked about each person's positions, record, or personality.

So, I often had to make a somewhat irrational and rather emotional decision. Sometimes it was because I just plain and simple got bad vibes about a certain candidate or felt good about selecting another one.

I am somewhat ashamed that in some cases I voted purely based on gender. I actually chose women candidates for no other reason than that they were not men. After all, we have got an awful lot of men in government and it isn't necessarily going so well. They were also often more of the political outsiders.

'Cause, in truth, I also cast a lot of votes against incumbents or votes for folks I'd not heard of previous to this cycle or chose whoever was farthest from the political arena. I guess it is 'cause I am really upset about a lot of what is happening in our society relating to government and feel that reaching as far outside politics as possible just might help.

But, I think what has surprised me more than anything about my election choices . . . other folks are doing similar things when making their choices. They are also opting for people not considered part of the mainstream GOP contenders. They are looking at those with Libertarian leanings, the TEA Party, and outsiders. And, a surprising number are also choosing women. Just 'cause they are women and might do things a little different.

I would like to see the GOP win a triple crown to take the White House, Senate, and House of Representatives. As a bonus I would love to see a majority of those Republicans be TEA Party or at least Conservative. But, I do have to admit that I will take pert near anyone with an "R" after their name. Even the dreaded RINOs. 'Cause above all else I want a Republican majority in DC and as many other places as possible. I want to give Conservatives at least a chance to have the tools necessary to reform our government.

We are at a crossroads in America. At present, Obama and his cohorts are trying to steer us towards taking a hard Left turn that will drive us right off the cliff into bankruptcy. We need to make sure there is a new driver willing to make that Right hand turn to take us down the road to prosperity. I trust Mitt Romney to make the Right choices. I hope all y'all do, too.

© Suzann C. Darnall, AUGUST 2012, San Marcos, Texas

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