Happy Birthday to Me!

Suzann Darnall

I know things are not great in America right now, but I wanted to look at the bright side this week, 'cause yesterday was the 4th of July and tomorrow is my birthday. So, I thought I would look at some things that I love about this wonderful country, my fabulous family, and a great life. And, I will probably throw in a little reminder (or more) about voting conservative as possible come November, 'cause we need to dump the useless gits before they take away everything there is in the USA to be grateful for!

My husband and I had a quiet at home Independence Day. Not a lot of celebrating 'cause we both were a little under the weather and no family coming by for a gathering. But, we did do a few special things. He and I baked some peanut butter brownies in the afternoon. We fixed homemade pizza for dinner. We watched the first part of "The Hatfields and McCoys" History Channel special. Then, we went out and did sparklers. We opted to not do more explosive fireworks 'cause it is drought season here in Texas. But, a few folks around us were not so cautious and we spent some time under the full moon watching the pretty lights going off around us. And, we thanked our Lord for the freedoms we do have in the marvelous country, as well as a little prayer that we might have the numbers and fortitude to wrest our lost rights back from those who would oppress us.

Of all the things I am grateful for my family would have to head up the list. I have a fantastic husband, two wonderful daughters, and five marvelous grandchildren. I was blessed to get a phone call from one of my dearest brothers and a text from another. I also got a phone call from my mother and a message from my father. I cherish my beloved family members and hope for them a continuing life of liberty.

I am blessed to have a lovely home where I am surrounded by my dear animals and all the things I enjoy. I am thankful to my husband for indulging me and for living in a country where we can live as we choose. Our home abounds with memories. It is filled with keepsakes from across the generations, throughout the family tree, and from around the world. The United States Air Force gave great careers to my father and husband, as well as offering me and my daughters the opportunities of a lifetime as we followed Air Force Blue from place to place. God bless our military! And, to really support our troops, let's vote in as many honorable conservative politicians as possible that the military and veterans might be cared for as the heroes they are!

I am also grateful for our freedom of religion that allows me to worship as I choose. But, like so many other things in our current society, I wonder if that freedom is being crimped out of existence. The intolerance of the Left for anything not totally in-line with their way of thinking makes being a Christian kind of an iffy proposition over the long haul. But, for now I thank the Lord for our church and the wonderful people in it.

Tomorrow I will be lucky enough to spend time with my husband, our oldest daughter, and her family, as we celebrate my birthday. I am thankful to the Lord for each and every day, as well as every year that I have enjoyed, and I pray there are many more to come. And, I also pray that my continuing good health will not be relying on Obamacare 'cause I am pretty sure with my track record of health issues I would be at the bottom of every help list and at the top of any end of life counseling advisory. So, let's give us all a gift this November to celebrate everyone's birthdays throughout the year: vote out Obama and his Leftist cohorts! Let's fill every political office in the land with Conservatives and keep their feet to fires as we tell them how it needs to be here in America!

There is much to love about America. But, lest we lose too much of what we love about her, let's be aware of the insidious rot that is eating it's way into all aspects of our lives with the ever growing and creeping intrusion of government. There are some gifts that keep on giving, but over-reaching government is not one of them. They are more like the un-gift that keeps on taking and taking and taking and . . .

© Suzann C. Darnall, JULY 2012, San Marcos, Texas

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