Suzann Darnall

Obama promised he was going to fundamentally transform America . . . and, he is . . . one liberty at a time. As in taking away. Not restoring. Not enhancing. Just slowly but surely encroaching upon our personal freedoms until we are nothing but serfs to the almighty US government. Their endless supply of labor and funding. They took steps this week to ensure we are second class citizens within our own borders and they went beyond taxation without representation towards taxation without restriction.

With the Supreme Court decisions on Arizona and ObamaCare I see nothing but an endless war on our rights as citizens. Obama and his cohorts view very few limitations on their powers as it is and the SCOTUS just gave them the green light to enact anything and told them they can probably get away with it. With the Left holding a majority in the Senate and only being barely outnumbered in the House, Conservatives are hard put to have any advocates able to prevail against the evil being perpetrated against American values.

I, for one, am both sad and afraid. Sad to see my way of life trickling away in a socialist stream of actions against my freedom of choice. And, scared that there is nothing I can do to stem the tide.

I fear even my vote is useless, thanks to the attack on fair voting rights by Eric Holder. He is using the Department of Justice to stop any efforts to eliminate voter fraud, especially that being done by illegal aliens. Tossing about rants on voter-suppression, racism, and the like, the Left is merrily adding dead people, felons, illegals, and all manner of ineligible voters to the rolls, while squashing efforts to simply ask for photo IDs as verification of citizenship and right to vote.

I wish I could find a bright spot in this cloud of gray that hangs over me this morning, but it seemingly is darkness from horizon to horizon. Perhaps it will appear a wee bit lighter tomorrow, when the shock of betrayal has worn off. Because I very much feel betrayed. Betrayed by the men and women of the SCOTUS. People sworn to uphold the Constitution. People who seemingly have forgotten that it is supposed to be about the rights of the citizens. Maybe they need a refresher course. Maybe they should also take the Declaration of Independence into account as well. You know, that worn old piece of paper beginning with the phrase, "We the people."

Because I don't think the majorities of any of the branches of our government right now are really thinking about the good of the people as their first concern. Which is sad and scary. 'cause without America's people, what are we? And, without freedom, we are no longer Americans.

I pray we can make our votes count, even against the tide of fraud by the Left. I pray we can rally the votes to oust Obama and as many of his Leftist minions as possible. Without that hope for change, what is there?

© Suzann C. Darnall, JUNE 2012, San Marcos, Texas

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