The Future of American Women

Suzann Darnall

Three of my granddaughters (Logan, Mckayla, and Tabitha) are visiting with us this week. They only live about 45 miles away, so we get to see them pretty regularly and even have occasional sleepovers for them. But, it is still special when they get to make an extended stay, as they are this week.

Altogether we have five grandchildren: four girls and one boy. The girls are Logan (9), Lorelle (8), Mckayla (6), and Tabitha (2). Tyler, our solo grandson, is also 6. Logan, Mckayla and Tabitha are the daughters of my oldest girl, Charly and her husband, Casey. Lorelle and Tyler belong to my daughter, Amanda and her husband, Clint. We don't get to see Lorelle and Tyler as often now that they live in Alaska, but before that they only lived 15 miles away and visits were regular.

I guess because I am a woman, I have two daughters, and I have four granddaughters, I am very cognizant of the somewhat precarious roles of females in this seemingly increasingly hostile environment being created by political and religious extremists. And, no, I do not mean the Republicans or even the Mormons, although the Left does keep trying to paint Mitt Romney and his supporters with that "war on women" broad brush stroke.

No, I am thinking of the much more real wars on women and females being waged by abortion doctors, certain countries, Islamic extremists, and far too many others to mention. I think this trumps the pretend "war on women" being pushed by the leftist talking heads on those news shows that really don't report any actual news anymore.

There are even women waging war on other females. NOW and other so-called women's organizations are constantly attacking Conservative female politicians, the wives of Conservatives, and even denigrating stay-at-home mothers and wives. Hmmm . . . I thought NOW and other like women's organizations were supposed to be for the support and uplifting of all women in whatever roles they chose, not just those women who fit into their little limited cookie-cutter leftist patterns.

And, how can any woman in America support anyone's right to perform or have a gender selection abortion? Especially since the babies most likely to be killed are female? Never mind a woman's right to control her own body, what about the simple right of a baby girl to be born and have her own body???

But, supposing a baby girl manages to live to be born, she still has to contend with the fears of what country is she living in and what religious restrictions might affect her freedom of choice to be who she wants to be. A God-given right that should be protected all across this world, but all too sadly is not.

Islamic extremists are spreading Sharia even into places like Great Britain and America. Certain Asian ethnic groups are not only opting to abort baby girls in their homelands, they are now doing so here in America and other places where immigrants have settled.

I am a stay-home-wife, who used to be a stay-home-mother. I am also a church-going, God-fearing, Mormon . . . and, yes, that means I am a Christian. I am a Conservative, albeit with occasional radical or libertarian leanings, but generally vote straight GOP ticket. I gotta tell ya, sometimes I feel like I got a target painted on my back that the Left feels obligated to plink at no matter what.

I don't know why women like me seem to set the Left off so much, but it does seem we grate on their nerves. However, I can deal with their hostility. I just don't want my daughters and granddaughters to have to continue to deal with it, especially as it increases.

I truly want the war on women . . . and baby girls, particularly unborn baby girls, to cease! The real war on women. The war where women are denied actual freedom, not being made to pay for their own birth control. The war where unborn baby girls are killed simply because they are baby girls. It seems to me that these are the things all Americans, Republican or Democrat, male or female, could agree are barbaric and must be stopped.

But, somehow I think some of them will still consider it okay to abort a baby girl if that is what her mother wants. And, somehow I think some of them will still think it is more important that we supply free birth control, than that we stamp out Sharia Law honor killings. And, for this I am ashamed of some of my fellow Americans. Mostly those who share my gender, but don't share my values for the lives of other of our sex.

© Suzann C. Darnall, JUNE 2012, San Marcos, Texas

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