Right to Vote

Suzann Darnall

Monday was Memorial Day. Tuesday was Texas primary voting. How fitting that we honored those who have fought and died for our liberties right before we were able to exercise one of the most important of these rights afforded to us through their sacrifice.

I know some people think it is only necessary to vote in the "important" elections, but I argue that all elections are important! Some folks think that only high offices like president, governor, senator, and the like are worth their time at the polls. But, I disagree. All elections should be worthy of our notice and participation, because all elections ultimately affect our lives, the makeup of our government, and the power of the various political parties.

Many national political figures started out at the local level and climbed their way bit by bit to the national stage. Very few start out by running for governor, senator, or president without first serving in their hometown community, in a county position, and perhaps even at the state level. Sometimes they step outside the election process to delve into political appointments, but they almost always use the job before as a push to a higher level. So, who we elect as dog-catcher today may be sheriff tomorrow, running for state attorney general down the road, and aspiring to higher office in a decade or two. Just one more example of how elections have consequences. Not always immediately apparent, but consequences nonetheless.

So, I encourage everyone to get out and vote each and every time the opportunity is afforded. If you missed this last primary, make a promise to yourself to catch the next voting day. Whether it is for primaries, caucuses, local issues, state offices, or national elections, please participate in exercising the most important right that ultimately affects all our other freedoms. If we do not watchdog the government through elections, we will eventually lose all control and that will lead to loss of rights.

We are already seeing erosion of our rights and liberties through over-reaching government, a reckless Congress, and Obama's extensive misuse of executive orders. Remember this as you go into the polling booth in November. Before you make any decisions ask yourself, "Can we afford four more years of Obama and his minions eroding the very basis of our system of checks and balances in government"? Ask yourself, "Can we afford four more years of monumental mounting debt"? And, finally, ask yourself, "Is your family or business better off now than four years ago'? If the answer to any of these questions is "No", then let's make a change and vote the problems out of office. Whether it is at the local, state, or national level, those who are not following our laws and our will must go!

I count myself blessed that I live in the United States of America. A land built on liberty. A land that has striven to right her imperfections along the way and become a land of equality. America may not be perfect, but she danged sure has got it going on to get there … if we help. And, the best way we can help is by voting our conscience and giving our government the people and tools necessary to improve our nation. God bless America! And, may the Conservatives sweep elections all across this land to bring in a new age of prosperity, while brushing aside the stench of corruption that has permeated too much of our government.

© Suzann C. Darnall, MAY 2012, San Marcos, Texas

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