Polls Apart

Suzann Darnall

I am concerned about the recent polling results. It seems every time Mitt Romney surges a bit ahead of Obama in the polls the next results show Barack Obama retaking the lead. I am concerned not only because I most definitely want Romney to do better and defeat Obama in the fall, but also because I fear the polling numbers are being rigged in an effort to dishearten conservative voters.

I do not think I am being a paranoid conspiracy theorist in this either. There keep being little stories touched upon here and there about polling jiggering. Not to mention all the numbers games played throughout media, government, and politics in general . . . particularly in the last three years with any numbers that might in any way hurt Obama. They do more adjusting and readjusting than a teenage girl wearing her first strapless gown to prom.

It is very easy to "cook the books", so to speak. A little judicious selecting of when and where to do the polling. A tweak here and there on how the questions are worded. Some selective dropping of certain segments of the polling to "give more diverse OR more representative results". I think you get the idea.

But, despite results in polling, Conservatives, Tea Partiers, GOP, and like-minded patriots need to remain firm in our resolve to get out the vote, as well as to get out and vote, to remove as many of the Democrats, Progressives, RINOS, and Leftists as possible from all offices starting at local and going all the way up to Washington DC. We must clean house! Be it courthouse, statehouse, House of Representatives, or the White House, we need to purge the government of those who do not represent our values.

We must not let the media bias and the hype from Hollywood, Chicago, or the Internet deter us from realizing that our voices can be heard. We were heard in 2010 and we can shout it out again in 2012! We must keep the goal firmly in mind: defeat Obama and all who stand with him.

We must unite behind those who are most likely to help restore America to her great standing in the world. We must support those who would make the hard choices to cut spending, without increasing crippling taxation. We must elect those who will slash regulations and allow businesses to move us out of this economic wasteland and into the promise of prosperity. We must not cave in our endeavors to move once again towards moral and ethical government entities. We must not allow the corruption to continue. We must not fall deeper into debt. We must not hand over more of our freedoms. And, we must not inch closer to the one world government ideology that looms closer on the horizon with seemingly everything done by the likes of Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and their cohorts.

So, let us remember that numbers can (and do) lie. Let us look to the future and remember the past. We cannot afford four more years of Obama. We must unite behind Mitt Romney and do all we can to give him as much GOP and Conservative support throughout government as possible. I am convinced this is the only hope for our country to survive as the America we have known and loved.

© Suzann C. Darnall, MAY 2012, San Marcos, Texas

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