Checks and Balances

Suzann Darnall

I am very afraid of Obama and his views of our country's political system. Especially as regards the checks and balances of three branches of government. I grant you that I have no background in law school, as student or instructor, but I think I have enough common sense to understand that the Supreme Court is supposed to rule on the constitutionality of legislation. Not on said legislation's merits, fairness, social justice, political expediency, popularity, or whatever else it is that Obama and his minions are trying to point out as important about ObamaCare.

I learned the basics of this waaay back in elementary school. Maybe we should send more of Washington DC habitu├ęs back for a refresher course. I think a lot of them have forgotten the separation of powers that are supposed to exist between the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Branches. Blurred lines make for a very messy democracy process, which soon leads to a fallen republic. At least that is what history has shown. Something else I learned the basics of in elementary school.

We hear a lot about how smart Obama is and what an elite education he had, but I have yet to see any real proof of him truly having common sense or wisdom. He is a snob, I'll grant you that. He is an elitist in the worst way. The kind that walks all over everyone, while talking about how much he plans to do for the common man. The same common man that he and his party screw-over with virtually every act they get away with.

We also hear a lot about what a great orator he is. How his voice resonates and how he communicates so well. Well, all I seem to hear him communicate is more disdain for America, contempt for the common citizens, and a whole lot of lies. While I will grant you that lying is an art, I don't think he even does it all that well, 'cause he gets caught in so many so fast. Even his minions can't cover his misspeaks and falsehoods fast enough.

But, I am especially concerned about his communication skills as they are being used right now. To distort an important truth. The truth of what the role of the United States Supreme Court is all about. The truth that they are supposed to overturn unconstitutional legislation. That is their role in our government. To rule on the constitutionality, in essence the legality, of laws passed by our Congress and enacted by our President.

They are the third horse in a team of horses that perform a little differently than most. They are not all supposed to always pull in the same direction. Sometimes one or two of the team have to pull in another direction to make sure the United States of America does not drift off our course. A course that should be charted along the lines of set by our founding fathers and our Constitution. A course that has had some corrections along the way, with Amendments, to make sure we live up to the dream envisioned by the founding fathers and which started coming to life with our Declaration of Independence.

I am sure I've not worded this in the kind of perfect historical legal speak that totally and completely expresses the roles of the branches of government, but I have tried to put it down as I understand it and in a way I hope makes sense to others.

But, perfectly worded or not, I think all y'all can realize the danger in allowing one branch of government to over-rule or influence all others. Which is exactly what the Obama administration is trying to do with every step they take!

Everything Obama does points to him trying to garner all political power into his hands and under his control. I know all presidents try to influence decisions in Congress and the Court, but he does it so outrageously and dishonestly. And, I don't even actually expect all that much honesty from anyone in politics. But, really, there is a limit! And, for me, that limit comes when a president is trying to put the US Constitution through a shredder and do it all by the rules he makes up as he goes along.

While I already knew Obama was bad for the country, this latest attack on the judicial system has left no doubts for me whatsoever that we must elect someone else in November 2012. Absolutely ANY GOP candidate would show more respect for the rights of American citizens and the laws of our country than Obama and his cohorts.

Let's not allow our Constitution and our American pride be any more tattered than it already is. Let's vote out the Apologist in Chief. It is time for the First Lecturer to go back to his little ivory tower of academia or wherever, to write some memoirs. We do not need him in the Oval Office trying to write any more legislation. If he wants to orate, let it be to small select crowds of students with like-minded liberal tendencies. I don't want him doing any more State of the Union Addresses or seemingly nightly news broadcasts.

Mr. Obama, please go home. You don't have to go to Chicago or Hawaii. But you do need to go somewhere. Somewhere that isn't the White House. You dishonor it with your presence. The White House belongs to the American citizens, the citizens you sneer at when you try to pull the wool over their eyes with your lies. In my opinion we have no further need of a liar as president. Lies tarnish the bright and shining beacon America needs to be for the world. You are not that beacon. Your message of hope and change turned out to be nothing but distortions of truth and reality.

© Suzann C. Darnall, APRIL 2012, San Marcos, Texas

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