Playing AND Paying Fair

Suzann Darnall

I am tired of the definitions the Obama Administration and the Left use for the idea of fair. They talk a lot about fair share, fair economy, fair playing field, fair rules, and so on. But, what they really mean is it is only fair if they are allowed to take as much as they want from those who work and earn and save, then give it to those who don't work and don't earn and don't save.

Timothy Geithner even has a new idea about the buying and selling of citizenship. At least that is how it came across. I mean, he did say that the most fortunate among us should be happy to pay for the privilege of being American. Hmmm? I guess it is somehow fairer to make rich and middleclass citizens pay for the privilege of their citizenship than it is to expect illegal immigrants pay the cost of becoming an American citizen by going through the due process of obtaining citizenship???

And, let's not forget Obama's latest and greatest idea of fair: requiring military active duty and retirees to pay nearly 400% more for their healthcare than they have had to pay up until now. Healthcare that for many was promised to be free for a lifetime. That's right; it is only fair that our military men and women pay for the privilege of being disabled, wounded, and maimed while in the service of their country. I wonder what Obama considers the fair going price for a lost limb, eyesight, or mental disability? How much should a young man pay for the privilege of never walking again? How much should a young woman pay for the privilege of never seeing her small children's faces? What's fair to charge these brave soldiers for their rehabilitation?

Oh, you don't think it's fair to charge the military for their service disabilities and war wounds? But, how else will we save enough revenue to cover the cost of all that free healthcare we give to illegal immigrants and other folks? I mean, it is only fair that we take from someone to give to someone else, right? And, the military have so much. They are right up there in the 1% aren't they? Oops! My bad. Guess they aren't.

It is estimated that the average welfare recipient makes a higher annual income than an enlisted member of the military with eight years service. That same welfare recipient's annual income is higher than the average first year teacher's salary. Some welfare recipients end up with so many benefits and entitlements that they are no longer actually below the poverty line. Is this some more of the fair play that Obama and his minions are touting? In the meantime, I've know military officers' families who qualified for food-stamps and free school lunches at school because the husband were just beginning his military careers and had large families. Where's the fair there?

I've also known of school teachers that could not afford to be a teacher, unless they had a second job, or their spouse had a job, with medical benefits, because the benefits offered through the school district were too expensive. Meanwhile, many of their students, the offspring of illegal immigrants, get completely free healthcare, with no questions asked. More fairness in play, I guess.

But, if we want to be fair about this, shouldn't we be asking Congressional Representatives, Senators, the President and others in government (or retired from government) to pay for their healthcare? That way we can gin up a little bit more revenue to pay for entitlements for the 99% and the illegals. If it is only fair for the military to pay, isn't it just as fair to expect the elite among us to pay? Shouldn't those most fortunate to be elected be willing to pay for the privilege for representing us?

In fact, to be completely fair about it, perhaps they should all forgo their salaries? After all, the average personal wealth of a member of Congress is estimated to be nearly $1 million. And, we've all heard about the astronomical book deals Obama has gotten and the pricey fees Bill Clinton earns for speaking engagements, so we know presidents are doing alright, too. Therefore, isn't it only fair that all those DC folks pay their own way and not mooch off the taxpayer dime, which can then be spent on the less fortunate that we hear so much about?

I guess I just don't quite understand the Left's rules of fair pay . . . ummm . . . I mean, fair play. I keep thinking we don't pay for the privilege of being a citizen. And, I keep thinking it is only fair to keep the agreement with the military that you made, even if it was decades ago. I also think it is only fair to expect the government to join us in tightening their belts: personally, professionally, and fiscally. If we all have to suffer, why is it fair for them to keep living large?

In the spirit of fair play, I say we give the Right a turn at the White House and controlling both Houses of Congress now. Obama and his little Lefty buddies had it for a couple of years and didn't do such a good job. So, let's give some Conservatives a shot at seeing what they can do. What do y'all say? Is that fair?

© Suzann C. Darnall, MARCH 2012, San Marcos, Texas

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