Freedom from Speech

Suzann Darnall

I have been listening to so much ranting from the Left recently about how Conservatives are spewing hateful rhetoric, using racist code words, or some other diatribe designed to shut us up, that I simply had to respond. I am tired of the Left defending their right to say anything under the banner of Free Speech, even if it is lies, but then denying us the right to even express our opinions.

Liberals need to realize that if they shut down Conservative freedom of speech because they do not like what we say, eventually someone who doesn't like what they say may take away Liberal freedom of speech as well. Freedom is only freedom when it applies equally to all. Just one of the many reasons communism, socialism, social justice, class warfare, and other types of discrimination don't work any better than slavery, caste societies, or other non-democratic or republican forms of societal government.

I hate the lies and distortions of the liberal media, the Democratic political machine, and Far Leftists in general. But, I acknowledge their right to speak. I just ask that they afford me the same courtesy. Unfortunately, I am well aware of the reality that they do not think I have the right of free speech, 'cause I disagree with them. They seem to be able to tolerate anything, so long as it is not someone who believes differently, particularly in the political arena. Although they are also kind of intolerant of those who have Conservative religious views as well.

I think if I hear one more speech by a Liberal telling me about how Conservatives need to keep quiet 'cause we are spreading hatred, I shall scream. I hold to my views that there is nothing more hateful than what is happening right now through the Obama White House, unless maybe it is the Occupy Wall Street movements still scattered about the country. Just a whole lot of crap from both groups.

© Suzann C. Darnall, FEBRUARY 2012

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