All Eyes on the Prize

Suzann Darnall

I really wish all of our GOP Presidential contenders would not lose sight of what should be the ultimate goal: to have a Conservative beat Obama in 2012. This is not going to be an easy thing to do, even with the ever mounting failures Obama is racking up. So, why are some of the GOP slate dishing out dirt that the Dems can use against whoever ultimately comes to the top of the Republican ticket?

Oh, I know the Left would dig up all the scandals, misspeaks, missteps, and the like anyway. But, it is so much more damaging to have the accusations come from within the Right's own house. Makes it lots easier for the Tame Team Media (AKA: main stream media) if all the Left has to do is stand outside and watch us bring down our fragile glass structure from all the sticks-n-stones thrown inside by each other.

Let's face it, any of the GOP contenders, even those I do not favor, would be better than who sits in the Oval Office (with his feet arrogantly propped up on a piece of American history) at this time. So, suppose we encourage our candidates to keep it focused on beating Obama and not on beating up each other!

While some of our candidates might be scoring points with polls, journalists, and maybe even voters, with their slashing attacks on other Conservatives, are they leaving our side weakened for the long haul? Are they trading our chance to defeat Obama for their temporary moments in the sun? I fear that might be so.

I feel that there is a certain amount of merit in the idea of civil discourse. I am not proposing we institute speech policing or in any way curb free speech. I would just like to see us not implode or explode our chances to take back the White House and as much of the DC government as possible!

I also feel that, like courtesy, it should start close to home. In this case, home is the Conservative Movement. GOP. TEA Party. Blue Dog Democrat. Conservative. Southern Democrat. Independent. Libertarian. Republican. Does the name really matter? Does not ANY Conservative smell as sweet … when compared to the stench emanating from Washington, DC at this time?

We have the issues at our side. Let our candidates stand on those, not on top of each other's beaten-down reputations. Let the debates be about the differences each candidate offers for their vision of America and government. Let them be positive about what we can do to move back to American principles that this country was founded upon. If there must be negatives brought up, let those comments be about the wrack-and-ruin brought about by Obama policies.

Conservatives can win the hearts and minds of the American people. But we must avoid old-style politics to really get our message across. We need to bring new voters to our side. Youth does not want to see a lot of hate going on. Many experienced voters are tired of the never-ending fighting of politics that doesn't get things done. So, let's be the genuine party of true hope and real change. The party that shows we care. Care enough to send the very best . . . to Washington and into the Oval Office!

© Suzann C. Darnall, SEPTEMBER 2011

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