Sooey! Here Pig, Pig, Pig!

Suzann Darnall

Getting lectures on civil discourse from the political Left is like taking proper table etiquette lessons from a pig while dining down at the slop trough. It just don't make sense, 'cause the pig knows nothing about good manners and apparently neither does the political Left. But, then again, I really don't expect good manners from either the pig or the political Left.

I am however amused by the hue and cry from the political Left right now about civility. As if the PC police weren't annoying enough, there is now a task force assigned to making sure any words, graphics, pictures, or phrases that are remotely associated with killing, guns, warfare, shooting, targets, and such are removed from all social and political discussions well almost all. Apparently it is still okay for the Left leaning political activists to use them when targeting WalMart, Sarah Palin, Rush Limbaugh, and those selected (by the liberal elites and the Tame Team Media) as being unworthy of continued existence on Planet Earth.

I also find the Dems call for a show of civility and bipartisanship at the State of the Union Address humorous, 'cause it highlights their desperation. They are calling for an intermingling of Dems and GOP, rather than the division that has been the tradition. This one is really funny! Civility? I think not! This is about not having it be shown so clearly evident just how badly the Dems are now outnumbered by the GOP in Congress. They want to mix it up to disguise their losses a bit on the national stage. Everyone who follows politics knows the numbers, but televised pictures of the demarcation lines really put the point out there to anyone watching that the Dems lost, lost lost!

But, as funny as all their word spin has been, I also see the sinister side. This is another insidious encroachment to get close enough to launch another attack on our freedoms. This is a crisis that is a double dream for the Progressives. They can spin it to go after free speech AND gun rights, all in the name of civility, security, the greater good, protection, and the like. Do not fall for their lies! It isn't about anything but another power grab for control of our lives and our liberty.

The Tucson tragedy was not a Right wing conspiracy. It was not fueled by uncivil discourse. It was a lone crazed killer. Banning free speech or taking guns away from law-abiding citizens WILL NOT stop nutcases, it will only diminish the rights of Americans. Do not let them take away one iota of our freedoms with their call to civility. Freedom of speech means freedom for all. For right and left. For kind words and angry rhetoric. As much as I might hate to hear the idiocy of the left-leaning politicians like Anthony Weiner and Joe Biden, I am in full support of their right to stand up in front of God and country and sound like complete morons! I just wish they willingly gave the same respect to the rights of the conservatives among us to say what we wish without being vilified for it.

But, if I've learned anything since I got involved in conservative politics and writing, it's that things get kinda dirty out there sorta like dining with pigs. There's a lot of mud and mess being flung about in the process. Whether it's in slopping hogs or arguing with liberals, you just can't seem to clean up the process.

I used to help my great-grandfather slop the pigs on his farm. I know about collecting the ears of corn from the barn, calling the pigs out of the mud over to the trough, and dumping in the feed. Big pigs will run over little pigs to get theirs first. There is no kindness or consideration. It was the same when my sister was raising pigs on her farm. Pigs are not a kinder, gentler animal. They know what they want and they go for it. But, I've no animus towards pigs, it's what they are and what they do. Their purpose is to eat, gain weight, and become food. They do this very well. They're not very pretty about doing it. They just go about getting it done.

There is an old saying, "root hog or die," that seems fitting here. It basically means "work or fail," the idea being to get down to it and get it done. This is what we need now as we proceed to 2012. Roll up our sleeves, wade into the mud, and git 'er done!

Another old saying that my father and I discussed recently was "you can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear." I think this applies in so many ways to politics. You cannot make an adversarial process into anything else. It is set up to pit side against side. Party against party. The three branches of government were put in place to provide adversity and competition to an extent. All of this leads to somewhat uncivil discourse at times. Which is why free speech was such an important issue to our Founding Fathers. Let's not lose sight of that! If we cannot discuss politics freely, we lose one of our greatest freedoms. We become an un-free society. A society that is kept penned up by our keepers and fed as they choose. We are merely herd animals at that point. Not human beings. Not citizens. Merely taxpayers producing bacon for our leaders to take home.

Nancy Pelosi talked about draining the swamp, but all she seemingly did was import more alligators. Besides, with all the pork around DC politics, I think we are not dealing with a swamp so much as a lowlands pig sty. Lots of greedy hogs lounging about in the muddy waters of politics eating up everything they can and getting fat off of our labors. I for one am tired of slopping the political boars with tax dollars.

This little piggie wrecked the market. This little piggie lost you your home. This little piggie ate up our taxes. This little piggie cut none. Let's send all these little piggies crying wee-wee-wee all the way home!

© Suzann C. Darnall, JANUARY 2011

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