That Doggone Doggett

Suzann Darnall

I feel like Texas has its own little miniature Harry Reid clone in the form of Congressman Lloyd Doggett. And, unfortunately, it is not looking like we are going to easily oust him anytime soon. But, I really hope all the Conservatives in the Texas 25th District will get out and vote for Dr. Donna Campbell. That way we can keep Doggett here in Texas where he will do lots less harm than in Washington, DC!

Oh, I know Austin and much of Travis County love good ol' Lloyd but the rest of us find him to be so far from representing our views that it is appalling. And, unless you are one of his beloved Austinite liberals, he apparently doesn't want to hear anything you have to say. Just look at his performances during the TEA Parties, town hall meetings, and his hometown visits over the past couple of years. Remember him running away from people who did not share his views? Remember anyone opposing him being labeled screamers, Teabaggers, and accused of trying to hijack his events?

Lloyd Doggett is out of touch with Texans. He has been in DC for so long that he seemingly can't recall that people exist who are not part of the elitist, left-wing secular-progressives. That much of Texas is filled with Conservatives--many of us being God-fearing, bible-reading, and gun-owning Conservatives who want a lot less government in our lives! Oh, and we like to keep lots more of our money while we're at it!

Not only did Lloyd Doggett vote FOR ObamaCare, he brags that he helped write it! Which I guess puts him up on some of the folks in DC who talked about passing it and THEN getting around to reading it and learning what's in it. But, it sure doesn't put him up in my regard.

Fiscally Doggett is an appalling failure. He is exactly what we do not need in this dangerous economy when so many people face unemployment and financial woes--when government debt, fraud, waste, abuse, and spending are already out of control. In addition to ObamaCare, Doggett voted for Cap-and-Trade (also known as Cap-and-Tax) and for Obama's stimulus package. He is an advocate of high taxes, very weak on illegal immigration, against domestic drilling, anti-second amendment, and voted WITH Nancy Pelosi nearly 100% of the time. Does this sound like someone who is gonna help us out from between the rock-n-a-hard-place we find ourselves in now? I don't think so!

If Texas 25th District voters send Lloyd Doggett back to DC we can expect him to go along exactly as he has thus far, ignoring our preferences and voting the Democrat party line, whether or not it's good for Texas or the United States. He doesn't care about his constituents, he only cares about being one of the good ol' boys of DC and continuing to be re-elected so he can hang on to all the congressional perks.

When a politician becomes so arrogant that he doesn't even feel he has to face the constituents who disapprove of him, it's time to boot him out of office. Lloyd Doggett is that arrogant and beyond! Doggett's been in Congress since 1994 and I think that's more than long enough, don't y'all?

Let's turn out in force and vote for Donna Campbell. She is a fiscal Conservative, which is about the most important thing we need in this era of runaway spending. She also wants to limit federal government to stay within the bounds of the US Constitution. She is pro-life, and believes in the worth of virtues and values. She wants a world of peace and prosperity for our children, but knows that sometimes you only get that by standing up to fight for freedom. She believes in power to the people. And, unlike Lloyd, Donna wants to hear from us. She lists a form, phone number, email address, and snail mail address on her website, in addition to links for various social networking sites.

I know from personal experience that Doggett's website only lets you go through an online form to reach him. Can't let the ummm "great unwashed" have too much personal access, I guess!

I don't know about you, but I just don't trust someone that inaccessible. He is supposed to be OUR representative, yet we can't even get him to listen to what it is that we want? Lloyd Doggett is not the person to represent us in Congress. We need someone like Donna Campbell. A woman who wants to hear from us so much that she gives us multiple sources of access. Not only does she want to hear everything I've read, seen, and heard says she will actually listen! Vote for Donna Campbell on November 2nd!!!

© Suzann C. Darnall, OCTOBER 2010

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